July/August 2014 cover

Bisti/De-Na-Zin Wilderness, New Mexico

Photo by IAN SHIVE


How Far Can We Go?

The future may be coming to your garage soon. Batteries that deliver 150 or 200 miles of range are poised to make electric cars ubiquitous.

Kiss Your Gas Goodbye

Hybrid, plug-in hybrid, or battery electric: Here's what's good, better, and best for the environment when it comes to cars.

Reclaiming Wilderness

Wilderness is where we come from, and we are adapted through evolution to the rigors and beauties of such landscape. It's time for those of...

The Mayor of Wind

The Tea Party and the Koch brothers are trying to end Texas's wind energy boom. They didn't reckon with Greg Wortham.

The Wilderness Act at 50: Hope in the Unseen

Half a century ago, the United States resolved to protect vast tracts of undeveloped land “where man himself is a visitor who does not...

Wild at Heart

In the face of climate change, the Sierra Club’s mission has expanded far beyond preserving wild places. Sierra pulled aside Dan Chu, head...


Green Life

4 TED Talks That Will Make You Act Now

These TED Talks will inspire small changes for a more environmentally responsible lifestyle.
Green Life

5 Sites for Scoring Cheap Outdoor Gear

Climbing, hiking and boating season is upon us. Are you prepared?

A Better Bicycle

Bikes are already pretty near perfect. Here are 5 ways to make them even more visible, safe, and fun.
Green Life

A Slick Idea

Greenpeace wants Shell Oil out of your kids' Legos.
Gear Guide

Backpacking Gear for Dogs

Next time you trek, pick a route where you're allowed to bring your best bud.

Big Trouble at Little Yosemite

Miles from help and you're bitten by a snake. Now what?

Biking the Isle of Happy Land Use Policies

In Scotland's Outer Hebrides, a handful of sturdy, graceless houses faced off against the prevailing winds. We still had no place to sleep.
Comfort Zone

Breathing Rooms

A California bungalow's living rooms, walls, and roof.

Dinosaur National Monument, Colorado

A rafting adventure into the environmental and geologic history of Dinosaur National Monument. (No CGI raptors necessary.)

Dirty Dozen

90 companies around the world have caused nearly two-thirds of all global greenhouse gas emissions since the beginning of the Industrial Age.
Green Life

DIY Drone Videos

Commercial drones are becoming more ubiquitous every day — here's how to make a short film with one.
Green Life

Drone Zone: The Future is Here

How are drones being used to help explore, enjoy and protect the planet?
Faces of Clean Energy

Efficiency Angel

This energy auditor helps homeowners lower their utility bills. See the different kinds of rewards that come from energy efficiency.
Taste Test

Ever Green

If you like your eating interesting and want to help the planet, it's hard to beat a local pickle--whether or not it's a cuke.
Green Life

Extreme Thru-Hiking

How a backpacking novice hiked one of the longest trails in North America.
Woe is Us

Homicidal Hornets

Uh oh: A giant hornet with a bad temper that can fly at 25 miles per hour and is attracted to the smell of sweat--or fear.
Green Life

How Much Paper Does One Tree Produce?

What is the environmental impact of office paper use? Mr. Green finds out!
Green Life

How to Handle Microbeads

Still have products with the dreaded "microbead?" Mr. Green tells us how to dispose of them.
Next Big Thing

In the future, will mushrooms solve all our problems?

A 'shroom-based alternative to Styrofoam; fungi's crucial role in carbon storage; and using oyster mushrooms to "mycoremediate" damage from pesticides and storm runoff.


What our readers have to say . . .
Last Words

Literary Roots

Library (2007) is Brooklyn artist Lori Nix's photograph of her ongoing scale-model diorama series "The City," set in an imagined posthuman future.
Green Life

Mars on the Move

This July Mars will take center stage and the moon starts to get "super." Read on to impress your friends at the next backyard barbecue.
Green Life

Measuring Your Carbon Eatprint

As far as the planet is concerned, a vegan diet beats a meat diet any day.

Misty Copeland's Pointe Shoes

Misty Copeland is the third African American female soloist in the New York's American Ballet Theatre 74-year history -- and the first in 20 years.

No Time for Tame

Waterparks have no doubt contributed mightily to humankind's happiness. Just don't try contemplating eternity while straddling a Styrofoam noodle at a swim-up bar.
Green Biz

Pack Up and Pedal Off

Forget bulky garbage trucks and moving vans--these two start-ups haul everything by bike
Green Life

Plastic Permanence

Plastic isn’t just the litter of today — it’s becoming part of tomorrow’s rock record.

Rocky Mountain High Five

Colorado activists celebrate first-of-their-kind statewide fracking rules.

Sew and Tell

Around 12 years ago, a friend and I were walking by an abandoned alley in San Francisco, and she asked, 'If you could do anything with this space, what would you do?
Green Life

Sierra Savories: Trout, Jello, and Dressing in Drag

How the back country hiking diet has evolved--some of the surprising snack choices of Sierra Club members and how they reflect history
Green Goods

Spokes People

Some people have a cat wall calendar and a kitten screen saver at the office; others have a Cathy mug and a Dilbert mouse pad. You, bicycle fiend, have a cubicle full of gadgets upcycled from actual bikes.
On the One Hand


On the one hand: Climate change is depleting the ozone layer, so you need sunscreen to protect yourself from UV rays. On the other: Chemicals from washed-off sunscreen are damaging aquatic ecosystems.
Green Life

The Origins of Glamping: 1902 Sierra Club Outing

With corduroy tramping suits and a cook on payroll, original Clubbers may have been the first glampers.

Those Not-So-Wild Europeans

In Ireland's Nephin Beg Mountains, the state-owned forestry company Coillte is rewilding roughly 11,000 acres of pine and spruce plantation.
Up to Speed

Two Months, One Page

Environmental news in case you missed it.
Green Life

What is the greener fireplace choice?

Mr. Green compares the efficiency of gas and wood-fueled fireplaces.

Why Wilderness

It's crucial to expose all American--including low-income urbanites and people of color--to the country's wildest places.

Wild Hamsters of Alsace

The fearsome European hamster is described by BBC Wildlife as "somewhat laddish" and "bolshy in temperament" (i.e., macho and aggressive). It's also too tasty for it's own good.

William (Brad) Bradley

Meet Brad Bradley, conservative conservationist, renovator of abused land and Sierra Club Life Member.

Computer Cable Coasters

It's time to turn that tangle nest of outdated power cords into a handy coaster.