A Slick Idea

Greenpeace takes on Lego's partnership with Shell.

Greenpeace takes on Lego's partnership with Shell.

Greenpeace wants Shell Oil out of your kids’ toy boxes. In its latest bit of clever political theater, Greenpeace takes on toy giant Lego for its business partnership with oil-giant Shell. Since 2012  Lego has produced Shell-branded toys sold or given away at gas stations in 26 countries (but not the U.S.), a deal that is estimated to be worth $116 million.

It’s a slick idea, but not, Greepeace says, in a good way. As Greenpeace puts it: “By placing its logo in the hands of millions of children, Shell is building brand loyalty with the next generation of consumers. Shell has launched an invasion of children’s playrooms in order to prop up its public image, while threatening the Arctic with a deadly oil spill. We can’t let Shell get away with it.” Shell began oil exploration in the Arctic in 2012, but has hit many snags, including the grounding of a drill barge.

Greenpeace wants Lego to drop its Shell partnership, and it wants you to watch its extremely clever video, which riffs on the “Everything is Awesome” theme song from The Lego Movie.


 Image by Greenpeace/Martin Katz

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