A section of the U.S.-Mexico border wall entering the sea

More than 600 miles of border walls and barriers have been constructed in all four southern border states. This reckless project has meant dire consequences for vast expanses of pristine wild lands, including wildlife refuges, wilderness areas, and national forests. The threat of a mandate to build hundreds of miles of additional wall continues to loom in Congress.



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Rev. John Fanestil and Friendship Park

Faces of the Borderlands

From San Diego, CA, to Brownsville, TX, the nearly 700-mile-long border wall has fractured communities and drastically altered the lives of countless individuals. The following profiles tell some of the stories that you haven't heard.

Continental Divide: Book Talk and Slide Show

Krista Schlyer reads and shows photos from her book Continental Divide: Wildlife, People and the Border Wall, which depicts the wildlife, ecology and people of the US-Mexico borderlands.
too many tracks

Too Many Tracks

The U.S. southwest has some of the most amazing landscapes and wildlife in the world, especially in the borderlands. Unfortuntaely, U.S. Customs and Border Patrol have invested millions of dollars in creating a military industrial complex on the border.

Wild Versus Wall

This film covers the ecological effects of the border wall constructed in all four states that share boundaries with Mexico.

About Our Program

Border walls harm the environment and are built without regard to environmental law. Learn how Sierra Club works to protect our borderlands and restore the rule of law.

Laws Waived on the Border

Border walls, barriers and roads have been built without regard for the rule of law. 37 federal laws protecting land, air, water, wildlife, public health, religious freedom and more have been cast aside across huge swathes of border. It is the largest waiver of law in U.S. history.

Costs of the Border Wall

Border wall construction and maintenance has cost billions of dollars to U.S. taxpayers. However, studies suggest that the wall only stops wildlife, not people.
glacier national park

Northern Border

Recently, Customs and Border Protection (CBP) announced that it would begin scoping for a Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement that would cover activities along the entire U.S.-Canadian border, from Seattle, Washington to Saint Andrews, Maine, covering nearly 4,000 linear miles.