Democracy Program

Corrupting corporate money pouring into our government. Assaults on the right to vote. Gridlock and obstruction in Washington. There’s no question—our democracy is in trouble. To protect our environment, we must protect our democracy.

Our Work:

Empowering Voters by Defending and Expanding Voting Rights

Across the country, communities facing the worst environmental injustices are also facing voter suppression and racial discrimination. When our voices are silenced by attacks on the ballot box, our democracy suffers, and so does our ability to address important issues like the climate crisis.

Reducing the Power of Polluter Money in Politics

The same big-money fossil fuel corporations that are polluting our air, water, and climate are polluting our democracy by pouring enormous amounts of money to sway elections and policy decisions that allow them to pollute and profit even more. We can’t allow our voices to be drowned out by big polluter money in politics.

Ensuring Fair and Representative Redistricting

The drawing of local, state, and congressional districts in the United States often undermines our democracy. District lines often ignore changes in demographics, weaken communities of color and other minority communities, and misrepresent the interests of citizens, including clean air and water protections. Supporting efforts to draw fair voting maps is critical to creating the fair and just society we seek.

Advocating for Fair Courts

State courts are responsible for deciding 95 percent of cases filed, issuing rulings on voting rights, environmental justice, clean air and water protections, and other important issues for Americans. But recently, the corporations polluting our air and water are attacking courts, attempting to influence policy changes in their favor. We must remove the influence of polluter money from the judicial branch of our government.

Partnering for Democracy

We can’t do this work alone. We’re strongest when we stand with allies and bring our diverse strengths to the table. That’s why the Sierra Club is a founding member of the Democracy Initiative, a group of more than 50 organizations committed to restoring our democracy.