A Pie Chart Even Rick Perry Could Understand

So this happened: The governors of Louisiana, North Dakota, Texas, and Wyoming got together at the Petroleum Club in (where else?) downtown Houston, Texas, to complain about the Obama administration's recently announced rules to cut carbon emissions from existing coal-fired power plants by 30 percent from 2005 levels by 2030. Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal said the states might have to sue the EPA over it:

"This is such a dangerous overreach in terms of the potential threat to our economy and our ability to restore those manufacturing jobs, I absolutely do think litigation needs to be on the table."

Texas Governor Rick Perry blasted took up the "war on coal" theme, saying that the Obama administration

"continues to wage this war on American energy simply to appease what appears to be a tiny sliver of environmental extremists." 

It so happens that there was just a Washington Post-ABC poll on the subject. "Do you think the federal government should or should not limit the release of greenhouse gases from existing power plants in an effort to reduce global warming?" they asked. Seventy percent said yes; 21 percent said no, the usual 9 percent were out to lunch. So for Governor Perry's edification, here's what a "tiny slice of environmental extremists" looks like:

 Pie Chart for Rick Perry


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