Cleaner, cheaper, healthier energy is here. It’s time for leaders across the U.S. to commit to 100% clean and renewable energy for all.
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Cities across the country are ready for 100% clean energy. Tell your mayor you want 100% clean energy for all!

XXX is a clean energy leader. Tell your mayor you want XXX to commit to 100% clean energy for all!
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Source: Clean Edge’s 2015 U.S. Clean Tech Leadership Index. Click for more information and all data sources.

We Are Ready for 100% Clean Energy

Erik Caldwell photo

"We've taken a unique approach to achieving 100% renewable energy goal in the city of San Diego by 2035. And what's unique about San Diego is we approached it not only from the perspective of how do we protect the environment from a moral perspective, but also from an economic development and job creation perspective as well."

Erik Caldwell

Economic Director for the City of San Diego, CA

Watch a clip from an interview with Erik Caldwell at the North American Dialogue On 100% Renewable Energy Cities.
Natalia Martínez Torres, Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico

"I want clean energy because there is just one planet earth, and by making a single difference in the way we waste energy and the waste of fossil fuels, we can make a bigger change for a healthy and brighter future."

Natalia Martínez Torres

Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico

Watch Natalia Martínez Torres, a student at Pontificia Universidad Católica of Puerto Rico, explain why she’s trying to get her school to commit to 100% clean energy.
Kian Martin, Lincoln High School (class of 2016)

​"I'm taking action because of the identities I hold as a young, queer, Iranian-American person. I believe that it is my responsibility, both to myself and to the people I love, to take action for just, equitable climate solutions."

Kian Martin

Lincoln High School (class of 2016)

Kian, a high school student in San Jose, California, is a leader on campus working with Seize the Grid to get his school to install solar panels and mentoring other high school students on how to organize for clean energy solutions.
Blythe Cassidy, Loyola University of Maryland

"My faith pushes me to combat climate change. As Pope Francis recognizes, each of us can have an impact in our own way. That's why I'm organizing with Seize the Grid and working with my campus, Loyola University of Maryland, to power our campus with 100% clean energy."

Blythe Cassidy

Loyola University of Maryland

Inspired by the Pope, Loyola University announced they will sign onto the President's Climate Commitment. Students like Blythe have been pushing for almost two years to have the school adopt a 100% clean energy goal.
Sue Parkison

Sue Parkison, a widowed mother of four, was struggling since her husband passed away. She could barely afford to heat her home in the cold Connecticut winters or the electricity from her utility. Sue heard about MyDomino, an energy savings concierge service, and with MyDomino’s guidance, had her ductwork upgraded and major leaks fixed in her windows and doors. She installed a solar array on her roof with no upfront costs. Now her power bills have dropped dramatically and she’s establishing a legacy of clean energy for her children.

Sue Parkison

Weston, Connecticut

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As the wild roller coaster ride that was 2016 comes to an end, it turns out we’ve made incredible progress in moving the US from coal to clean energy. Thanks to tenacious grassroots leaders across the nation, the US is leading the world on reducing climate-disrupting pollution -- and we’re not going backwards, regardless of who is in the White House.
Whether your trusted source is Google, Jessica Biel, the U.S. Department of Energy, ski towns, TIME, or Florida -- there’s no denying it, 2016 was a great year for clean and renewable energy!  Check out our quick list of 21 times that clean energy was through the roof in 2016! 1. Sierra Club launches the Ready for 100 campaign
From coast to coast, the shift to 100 percent clean energy has never been dependent upon federal action. It’s happening because communities have banded together to demand choices and solutions that reflect local values.
We have a vision for Los Angeles. We imagine a city where every home, business, library, school, and movie set is powered by 100 percent clean energy. To help us carry out this work, we’ve entered a grant competition around how our vision would make L.A. the best place to live in 2050.