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Water Sentinels - Protecting America's Waters

The Clean Water Act clearly defines our lakes, rivers, and streams as 'waters of the United States' -- as invaluable resources belonging to all Americans. Water Sentinels envision a country where all communities have access to clean drinking water and where the quality and quantities of water in our rivers, streams, lakes and aquifers are protected and managed to sustain the ecosystems on which all life depends.  The Sierra Club is engaged on a wide range of water issues at the group and chapter level across the country because waterways are easily impacted by pollution, climate, and development.  These issues are not isolated to one or two locales but affect communities and people from coast to coast. 

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Ohio Clean Water Video Says It All !

The work that Sierra Club Water Sentinels do takes many forms.  This Ohio Chapter video describes what is done in Ohio, but similar things happen throughout the national Sierra Club.

Powerpoint - Water Sentinels

This Powerpoint describes the many ways Sierra Club Water Sentinels work to protect the waters of the United States.For more information, contact Doris Cellarius (doris@cellarius.org).

Report on the Sierra Club National Water Survey

The national Water Sentinels Leadership Team surveyed Chapters and Groups to learn about the different kinds of  work on done on water issues throughout the Sierra Club.