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Stop Sprawl
Healthy Growth Calculator

Households per Residential Acre
Sprawl vs Your Choice
Sprawl -- 3 Households per residential acre   Your Choice: 3 households per acre, sprawl. Click to choose another density. choose density or place
3   3

Residential Acre. Residential acreage excludes commercial, industrial, greenspace and agricultural land. If total acreage were used instead, a few dense residential units atop a sea of shopping and offices could appear to be low density sprawl. Compact development saves land for preservation as creeks, wildlife corridors and parks.

The following are typical densities of
Households per Residential Acre
1 Lowest density of single-family dwellings in sprawl.
3 Typical of single-family dwellings in sprawl.
10 Row houses with occasional single-family dwellings and apartment houses. Examples: lower density areas of larger cities, and older suburbs.
100 Mostly 3-5 story apartment houses with occasional mid- to high-rises and single-family dwellings. Examples: northeast San Francisco (Russian, Nob and Telegraph Hills, North Beach), River North in Chicago, Beacon Hill in Boston, along Connecticut Ave. in DC, and compact neighborhoods throughout the country.
500 Mostly mid- to high-rises. Examples: the Upper East and West Sides in Manhattan, and smaller neighborhoods in Chicago, San Francisco and elsewhere.

This calculator has been developed for densities ranging from sprawl, 3 hh/res ac, to 500.

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