Conservation Committee

  • Conservation Advisory Group Co-Chair: Kirby Hughes 719-685-3019
  • Conservation Advisory Group Co-Chair: Kirk Cunningham 303-939-8519
  • Staff: Conservation Programs Coordinator: Matt Reed 303-454-3361


Rally Photo The purpose of the Conservation Committee is to facilitate the function and efficiency of all Sierra Club Rocky Mountain Chapter (RMC) conservation issue teams. The RMC’s conservation issue teams work on any issue that our mission to Explore, Enjoy, and Protect the Planet directs us to perform. The RMC currently has 14 issue teams that are working to provide Sierra Club members with an opportunity to review government and business operations in terms of their environmental responsibility, to challenge those entities to be more responsible through direct action, and to promote land, water and resource conservation across Colorado.

Depending on experience level, volunteers may accept higher responsibilities, like leading an Issue Team as they become available. This type of commitment can be interesting, challenging and rewarding for both leaders and team members. Let us know if you are interested in volunteering!

RMC Priority Conservation Campaigns

Every year, the Chapter selects from the best priority conservation ideas that the Chapter's members and volunteers want to work on (if you're not currently a member, or your membership has lapsed, join us now).

If you have a great idea for a Sierra Club Rocky Mountain Chapter priority conservation campaign, then be sure to tell us! The Sierra Club RMC currently is engaged in an Oil and Gas priority campaign and GMO Ballot Initiative priority campaign. For more information on the Oil and Gas campaign, contact Cathy Collentine at (303) 454-3363. To learn more about the GMO campaign and to volunteer, contact Julie Ott at 719-201-3024. To speak to a RMC representative about other conservation topics, contact Matt Reed at (303) 454-3361.

RMC Conservation Issue Teams

The RMC Conservation Committee is currently managed by volunteer Co-Chairs Kirk Cunningham and Kirby Hughes, and assisted by Conservation Programs Coordinator Matt Reed. The larger RMC Conservation Committee is comprised of 14 active issue teams, each addressing its own set of environmental issues, primarily at the state level. The state-level issue teams are led by RMC volunteers who manage team members from across Colorado. If you’re interested in taking some action – and responsibility – to address issues at the state level, please contact Kirk, Kirby or Matt, or the team leaders identified below. If you don’t see an issue team for your favorite issue, let us know; perhaps we can create one together!

Rocky Mountain Chapter Outings Program

In addition to conservation work, the Rocky Mountain Chapter leads fun and exciting outings to connect people with the natural world. Some outings are aimed at enjoying "Colorful Colorado," while others focus on specific conservation issues. For more information on participating in a Sierra Club outing, and to find the next outing near you, please contact Chris Applegate at (417) 294-0698 or visit You can also sign up for our latest outings on our
Meetup site!