Press Releases 2008 - 2012

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January 2013

1/25/2013 -- Mission Outdoors Volunteers Receive 2013 Outdoor Inspiration Award

1/21/2013 -- Sierra Club Statement on Second Inauguration of President Obama

1/16/2013 -- Interior Secretary Ken Salalzar to Step Down

1/15/2013 -- Sierra Club, Allies Express Concern over New EPA Dirty Diesel Rule

1/14/2013 -- Sierra Club Foundation Brings on Movie Producer to Board of Directors

1/14/2013 -- Sierra Club Launches New Campaign: Obama Climate Legacy

1/11/2013 -- New Draft National Climate Assessment Released

1/11/2013 -- ADVISORY: Sierra Club to Launch New amd Campaign on Climate Disruption

1/10/2013 -- Sierra Club Announces Support of Udall-Merkley-Harkin Filibuster Reform Legislation

1/7/2013 -- Georgia Power Co. to Phase out One Quarter of Coal Plants in GA

1/4/2013 -- Sierra Club Statement on Transocean, Justice Dept. Settlement in Deep-water Horizon Gulf Oil Spill

1/3/2013 -- “The Last Straw” - After Shell’s Latest Failure, Sierra Club Calls for Drilling Permits to Be Immediately Revoked

1/1/2013 -- Sierra Club Applauds Inclusion of Wind Production Tax Credit in Fiscal Deal


December 2012

12/27/2012 -- EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson to Step Down

12/21/12 -- BLM and Sierra Club Announce Winners of the First Annual Veterans Day Essay and Photo Contest for Military Service Members and Families

12/21/12 -- President to Nominate John Kerry as Secretary of State

12/20/12 -- Sierra Club Releases 2012 Year-End Video and Launches "Get Going Green in 2013" Website 

12/20/12 -- President Obama Expands Size of Protected California Coastline

12/20/12 -- D.C. Court of Appeals Denies Petitions for Rehearing, Upholding Greenhouse Gas Safeguards

12/20/12 -- Kentucky Power Concedes Retiring Big Sandy 2 Best Option

12/20/12 -- 2012: After Repeated Losses, Coal Industry Continues Downward Spiral

12/18/12 -- Special Places in the Western Arctic Put Off-Limits to Oil, Gas Drilling

12/18/12 -- Sierra Club Challenge to Kemper Plant Will Move Forward

12/14/12 -- Sierra Club Statement on Denise Bode Stepping Down as AWEA CEO

12/14/12 -- Sierra Club Applauds Finalized EPA Soot Standards

12/13/12 -- Court Rejects Industry Attack on Carbon Pollution Protections

12/12/12 -- Sierra Club Applauds New Energy Department Investments in Offshore Wind Projects

12/12/12 -- 67,000+ Americans Ask Secretary Salazar to Halt the Expansion of Strip Mining near Bryce Canyon

12/12/12 -- Sierra Club Statement on GAO Oil and Mining Report Findings

12/11/12 -- Outdated Hudson Valley Coal Plant Set to Retire

12/11/12 -- The Sierra Club Identifies Nation’s Best and Worst Transportation Projects: How Transportation Funding Will Move America Beyond Oil, or Keep Us Shackled to the Pump

12/10/2012 -- New Sierra Club Report: Haley Barbour Fails to Disclose Lobbying Ties to Southern Co., Kemper Plant

12/07/12 -- Sierra Club: McConnell’s Self-Filibuster Makes Need for Reform Clear

12/06/12 -- NRG Texas Energy Cancels Proposed Limestone 3 Coal Unit

12/06/12 -- Sierra Club Calls on President Obama to Require BP Pay Maximum Civil Damages for Deepwater Horizon Disaster

12/06/2012 --112th Congress on track to be the first in almost 50 years to not protect wilderness

12/05/2012 -- Sierra Club Statement on Department of Energy Report on LNG Exports

12/03/2012 -- Sierra Club Opens First Net Zero Energy Office Building in St. Petersburg, FL

November 2012

11/30/2012 -- Sierra Club Statement on Enbridge Tar Sands Pipeline Application: Reversal of Line 9B

11/29/2012 -- Secretary Salazar Protects Marine Wilderness at Point Reyes National Seashore 

11/29/2012 -- New Sierra Club Report on Liquefied Natural Gas

11/29/2012 -- Threats to Blair Mountain Historic Site Prompt Legal Appeal by Sierra Club, Allies

11/29/2012 -- Sierra Club Statement on Environment and Public Works Committee Hearing on Impacts of Sandy

 11/28/2012 -- Sierra Club Statement on Passage of Udall Amendment to Ensure Military
Can Invest in Next Generation of Biofuels

11/28/2012 -- Independent Report Finds Mississippi's Kemper Coal Plant Over Budget and Delayed

11/28/2012--Sierra Club Statement on BP’s Suspension from Federal Contracts

11/28/2012 -- In Push for Transparency, Sierra Club Files Freedom of Information Act Suit, Launches Ads, Targeting TVA

11/28/2012 -- Craigslist Founder Craig Newmark Joins Sierra Club for Environmental Google+ Hangout on National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day

11/19/2012 -- Historic Settlement Will Clean Up Louisiana's Most Toxic Coal Plant

11/12/2012 -- New Report: In the Election Home Stretch, Swing State Media Coverage on Energy Improved but Still Favored Polluter Priorities

11/19/2012 -- World Trade Organization Attacks Successful Canadian Clean Energy Program

11/19/2012 -- Sierra Club Launches "Climate Comes Home" to collect personal stories about climate change

11/19/2012 -- New Report Shows Mississippi Power's Kemper Coal Plant Spiraling Out of Control

11/15/2012 -- BP Announces Settlement of Criminal Case in Deepwater Horizon Disaster

11/15/2012 -- Patriot Coal Commits to End Mountaintop Removal in Appalachia 

11/14/2012 -- Oklahoma's Northeastern Coal Plant Moves One Step Closer to Retirement

11/12/2012 -- The Bureau of Land Management and Sierra Club Mission Outdoors Commemorate Veteran's Day with Photo and Essay Contest for Military Service Members and Families

11/06/2012 -- President Obama Wins Reelection

October 2012

10/31/2012 -- Sierra Club Praises Decision of Texas Grid Operator: TXU Coal Plant Will Idle

10/25/2012--New Sierra Club Video Features Musicians and Olympians Urging Americans to Vote

10/23/2012 -- Sierra Club Launches “Big Polluters, Bad Politics” Interactive Advertising Campaign

10/18/2012 -- Sierra Club and League of Conservation Voters Launch Ad Campaign in Support of Angus King

10/18/2012 -- New Voting Record Marks 40 Years of the Clean Water Act

10/17/2012 -- Sierra Club Executive Director Michael Brune to Address Bioneers Conference

10/17/2012 -- Army Corps Fails To Consider Human Cost of Proposed Coal Mines in W.Va., Kentucky

10/16/2012 -- Sierra Club Statement on Second Presidential Debate

10/10/2012 -- Sierra Club Partners with Award-Winning Photographer to Capture Human Costs of Coal

10/9/2012 -- New Report Maps Toxic Coal Plant Pollution over Baltimore Area

10/8/2012 -- President Obama Honors César Chávez with National Monument Designation 

10/5/2012 -- Wyoming Range's Upper Hoback Basin Gains Protection from Fracking 

10/04/2012 -- New Report Finds Energy and Environmental Coverage in Swing States Often Misses Mark

10/03/2012 -- Sierra Club Statement on Presidential Debate

10/03/2012 -- New Study Supports Water Contamination Due to Fracking

10/1/2012 -- Sierra Club Endorses Michigan Clean Energy Ballot Proposition 

September 2012

9/27/2012 -- New Poll Finds New York Voters Overwhelmingly Support Clean Energy, Willing to Pay More 

9/26/2012 -- Sierra Club and GreenLaw Praise New Solar Deal in Georgia, Call for More

9/26/2012 -- Sierra Club Launches 2012 Web Voter Guide

9/25/2012 -- Sierra Club Statement on National Voter Registration Day

9/24/2012 -- Faith, Environmental Groups Challenge Proposed Coal Export Terminal in Louisiana

9/24/2012 -- Sierra Club Joins Prop 2 Coalition in Support of Michigan Working Families

9/22/2012 -- Sierra Club Statement on Shepherds Flat Wind Farm, Largest Wind Farm in the U.S.

9/21/2012 -- U.S. House Wages War on Public Health

9/21/2012 -- Sierra Club Applauds Designation of Chimney Rock National Monument

9/19/2012 -- Sierra Club Targets Six House Incumbents With “Toxic Money, Toxic Votes” Campaign

9/17/2012 -- Shell Abandons Plans to Drill in the Arctic This Year 

9/17/2012 -- Sierra Club Launches Billboards and Online Ads Calling on Long Island Power Authority to Invest in Offshore Wind

9/14/2012 -- With 92 Workers Laid Off in South Dakota, Nearly 2,300 American Jobs Lost Thanks to Wind Industry Tax Credit Delays

9/11/2012 -- Sierra Club Submits Comments on Federal Oil and Gas Drilling Standard

9/10/2012 -- Sierra Club "9/11 Veterans Climbing Series" Makes Three Summit Attempts across America on September 11th

9/6/2012 -- Statement on President Obama's DNC Address by Sierra Club Executive Director Michael Brune

9/6/2012 -- New Poll Shows Oklahoma Voters Support Clean Energy, Phasing Out Coal Plants

9/6/2012 -- Secretive Trade Negotiations Begin in Leesburg

9/5/2012 -- America the Beautiful: While You Were at War

9/4/2012 -- Forest Service Releases Plan for Giant Sequoia National Monument 

August 2012

8/31/2012 -- Wyoming Wolves Stripped of Protections

8/31/2012 -- Sierra Club Response to Romney Republican Convention Speech

8/30/2012 -- Shell Receives Approval to Start Arctic Drilling Prep Work

8/28/2012 --White House Releases New Car and Light Truck Fuel Efficiency and Carbon Pollution Standards

08/27/2012 -- Thousands of Virginians Oppose Poorly Planned, Expensive Highway Project

08/23/2012 -- Sierra Club Statement on the Romney-Ryan Energy Plan

08/21/2012 -- Life-Saving Cross-State Air Pollution Rule in Jeopardy Following Court Ruling

08/14/2012 -- New Report from Synapse Energy Economics Shows TVA Could Save Billions, Improve Air Quality

8/14/2012 -- Sierra Magazine Reveals 6th Annual Ranking of America's Greenest Colleges

8/13/2012 -- Obama Administration Proposes Plan for Western Arctic

8/12/2012 -- Tulsi Gabbard Wins HI-02 Democratic Primary

8/11/2012 -- Sierra Club Statement on Paul Ryan

8/10/2012 -- Sale of Three Baltimore Coal Plants Raises Concerns for Local Residents

8/10/2012 -- Newest Member of the Sierra Club Foundation is Notable Advocate for Offshore Wind in the Great Lakes

8/7/2012 -- Mississippi Power Fires Construction, Engineer Firms at Kemper Coal Plant site

8/7/2012 -- Sierra Club Statement on Chevron Refinery Fire

8/6/2012 -- Sierra Club Announces 2012 National Awards

8/2/2012 -- Sierra Club Releases New Report Highlighting Attack on Clean Energy

8/1/2012 -- New National Survey: Nearly 90 Percent of Latino Voters Support Clean Energy

July 2012

7/31/2012 -- Rulings today by U.S. District Court and WV Environmental Quality Board Show Science is Clear on Dangers to Water from Surface Mining, EPA standards necessary

7/31/2012 -- Sierra Club Statement on Mitt Romney’s Opposition to Wind Energy Production Tax Credit

7/30/2012 -- Sierra Club, Allies, Act to End Water Pollution at Former Coal Mines

7/30/2012 -- ADVISORY: Sierra Club and NCLR to Release 2012 Latino Voters and the Environment Poll

7/30/2012 -- Sierra Club Releases Second Set of Ads Calling on Congress to Renew Production Tax Credit

7/26/2012 -- America is Moving Beyond Coal

7/26/2012 -- In Victory for Public Health, Court Order Invalidates Proposed Las Brisas Plant in Corpus Christi, TX

7/25/2012 -- Sierra Club Launches Major Mail Campaign to Contrast Records of Gabbard and Hannemann

7/25/2012 -- Sierra Club Marks Two Year Anniversary of Kalamazoo Tar Sands Disaster

7/24/2012 -- Sierra Club Calls for End to Worker Lockout at Con Edison New York

7/23/2012 -- UN Body Decision Marks End for Dirty Carbon Credits from Coal Power in the EU Emissions Trading Scheme

7/18/2012 -- Report Finds Mountaintop-Removal Coal Shipped Over Seas at Increasing Rate, Sierra Club Responds

7/18/2012 -- Oregonians Thank Senator Jeff Merkley for Calling for Comprehensive Review of Proposals to Export Coal through the Northwest

7/17/2012 -- New TV Ad: Heather Wilson Shielded Big Oil Interests despite Toxic Water Pollution

7/17/2012 -- Philadelphians Speak Out Against Killer Soot Pollution

7/16/2012 -- Coalition Acts to Protect Waterways from Pollution from 9 Alpha Natural Resources Sites

7/16/2012 -- Sierra Club Mission Outdoors Announces New Director

7/16/2012 -- Sierra Club Supports DISCLOSE Act

7/12/2012 -- Polluters Wage Legal Attack on Life-Saving Carbon Pollution Standards

7/12/2012 -- New Ads Call on Republicans to Protect Wind Energy Jobs

7/09/2012 -- New Sierra Club Ad Targets Heather Wilson for Votes to Protect Big Oil Campaign Donors

7/05/2012 -- Production Tax Credit Delays Cost 165 Jobs in Pennsylvania

June 2012

6/29/2012 -- Sierra Club Welcomes Dr. Al Armendariz to Beyond Coal Campaign

6/28/2012 -- Sierra Club Statement on Transportation Conference Report

6/28/2012 -- New Report Shows Days of Cheap, Affordable Coal-Fired Power Are Over

6/26/2012 -- D.C. Court of Appeals Upholds Environmental Protection Agency Greenhouse Gas Standards

6/26/2012 -- Sierra Club Joins Forces with South by Southwest Eco Conference

6/25/2012 -- Sierra Club Hits the Nation’s Capital for Great Outdoors America Week

6/25/2012 -- Sierra Club Launches "My Piece of America," New Face for Lands Work

6/22/2012 -- Miss. Public Service Commission Denies Rate Increase for Miss. Power's Kemper Coal Plant

6/21/2012 -- Sierra Club Response to House GOP's "Oil Above All" Plan

6/20/2012 -- Senate Rejects Coal Industry-Backed Attack on Mercury Protections

6/18/2012 -- America Leading the World in CO2 Emission Decrease Thanks to Reductions in Coal Use

6/15/2012 -- On World Wind Day Families, Kids Call on Gov. Christie to Invest in Offshore Wind

6/15/2012 -- Sierra Club Applauds EPA’s Life-Saving Soot Protections

6/13/2012 -- Miss. Power to Ask for $100M Rate Increase as Kemper County Coal Plant Blows Budget by $366M


6/13/2012 -- Leaked Text Confirms the Trans-Pacific Partnership Would Undermine Public Interest Policy


6/06/2012 --The Sierra Club Releases The Dirtiest Oil on Earth Animation

Features Hollywood Star on the Dangers of Alberta Tar Sands and Pipelines

6/06/2012 -- Sierra Club Statement on House GOP Dirty Energy Agenda

6/05/2012 -- Sierra Club Launches “Wind Works” Campaign

6/01/2012 -- Report Finds Proposed Increase to Electricity Prices Will Not Solve Texas's Power Needs

May 2012

5/30/2012 -- Roanoke Wind Project Delayed, Stalling New Job Creation in Virginia

5/30/2012 -- AEP Pulls Billion Dollar Big Sandy Request

5/24/2012 -- Sierra Club Applauds President Obama’s Support of Production Tax Credit for Wind 

5/24/2012 -- Sierra Club and Allies Mobilize Hundreds of Thousands in Support of First-ever Proposed Limits to Dangerous Carbon Pollution from New Coal Plants 

5/23/2012 -- Sierra Club Partners with Sungevity to Help Families Go Solar

5/21/2012 -- Sierra Club Board of Directors Announces New President and Officers

5/18/2012 -- Millions Participate in National Bike to Work Day

5/17/2012 -- Sierra Club Flies Message to Annual Shareholder Meeting: OG&E, Move Beyond Coal!

5/16/2012 -- World Trade Organization Rules Against Dolphin-Safe Standards

5/15/2012 -- Proposed Las Brisas Plant Air Permit Reversed (TX)

5/15/2012 -- Sierra Club Praises Free National Park Pass Program for Active Duty Service Members 

5/9/2012 -- Sierra Club Statement on President Obama's Support for Same Sex Marriage

5/9/2012 -- Sierra Club, Allies Act to Protect Waterways from Notorious Brushy Fork Sludge Lake

5/4/2012 -- Environmental Groups Call on EPA to Ban Diesel Use in Fracking

5/4/2012 -- Sierra Club Statement on the Bureau of Land Management's Proposal for Federal Land Fracking

5/3/2012 -- Sierra Club Ramps Up Beyond Natural Gas Campaign

5/3/2012 -- Coalition Acts to Protect Virginia Rivers and Streams from Mining Pollution

5/3/2012 -- Groups Act to Block Largest Coal Plants Ever Approved by DOI in Powder River Basin

5/3/2012 -- Sierra Club Statement on Mitt Romney's Pro-Drilling Speech in Virginia

5/1/2012 -- On World Asthma Day, New Jersey Plant Announces Coal Retirement

5/1/2012 -- Sierra Club Announces Outdoor Youth Ambassador for 2012 Best Internship on Earth

5/1/2012 -- US Banks Risk Public Health and Climate by Financing Coal

April 2012

4/27/2012 -- Conservation Groups Seek to Break World Record with Largest-Ever Polar Bear Uprising

4/26/2012 -- Sierra Club Rejects Liquefied Natural Gas Export Terminal

4/26/2012 -- Sierra Club Files Suit Challenging Kemper Coal Plant Approval

4/25/2012 -- Reporter Memo: Clean Fuel Standards--Progress in California and the Northeast

4/24/2012 -- Miss. PSC Approves Kemper County Coal Plant Again Despite High Costs to Ratepayers

4/24/2012 -- Sierra Club Applauds Retirement of Oklahoma's Northeastern Coal Plant

4/23/2012 -- Sierra Club Challenges Louisiana Liquefied Natural Gas Export Facility

4/22/2012 -- Ontario/Quebec-New England Tar Sands Pipeline Hits Strong Opposition

4/20/2012 -- Sierra Club Praises Designation of Fort Ord National Monument 

4/19/2012 -- TransCanada Releases New Nebraska Route for Keystone XL Tar Sands Pipeline

4/19/2012 -- Sierra Club Escalates Opposition to Sabine Pass LNG Exports

4/19/2012 -- Sierra Club Launches "Coal Free PSE" Campaign in Puget Sound

4/18/2012 -- House Republican to Build Big Oil Profits Instead of a 21st Century Transportation System

4/18/2012 -- House Rubber Stamps Big Polluter Wish List, Leaving Transportation and American Jobs at the Curb  

4/18/2012 -- Environmental Groups Praise EPA's First-Ever Clean Air Protections for Fracking

4/18/2012 - Sierra Club Endorses President Obama  (Click here for Audio of Announcement)

4/17/2012--ADVISORY: National Enviro Groups to make Major Endorsement Announcement

4/17/2012 - Public Service Commission to Rubber Stamp Kemper Plant 

4/16/2012--Sierra Club Challenges TX Liquefied Natural Gas Export Facility

4/13/2012 -- Statement on White House Announcement of Natural Gas Development Interagency Working Group

4/12/2012 -- Keystone XL Tar Sands Pipeline the Nebraska Fight Continues

4/11/2012 -- Louisiana's Big Cajun I Coal Plant Cancelled

4/10/2012 -- Seventh Generation Agrees to Avoid Fuel from Tar Sands Refineries

4/10/2012 -- Plant Ben Hill in Georgia Marks 168 Coal Plants Cancelled

4/10/2012 -- Sierra Club and Celebrity Friends Gear Up for Earth Day 2012

4/3/2012 -- Statement on Pollution Controls at Homer City Coal Fired Power Plant

4/2/2012 -- Students Call for Universities to Divest from Coal

4/2/2012 -- Sierra Club and Clean Water Action Endorse Elizabeth Warren for U.S. Senate

March 2012 

3/30/2012 -- After Illegal Public Service Commission Vote, Sierra Club Asks Miss. Supreme Court to Protect Ratepayers

3/30/2012 -- Sierra Club Applauds President’s Announcement to Accelerate Great Lakes Wind Projects

3/30/2012 -- Miss. Public Service Commission Violates Law to Authorize Kemper Coal Plant Construction

3/30/2012 - Sierra Club Mission Outdoors Celebrates the Military Child Outdoors

3/29/2012 - Senate Rejects Efforts to End Tax Breaks for Biggest Oil Companies

3/29/2012 -- Miss. Public Service Commission Declares 'Emergency' for Kemper Coal Plant, Posts Public Meeting Notice with 46 Hours' Notice

3/27/2012 -- House Leaders Reach Another Dead End: Cancel Yet Another Vote on Trasportation Bill

3/27/2012 -- Sierra Club Applauds New Protections for Dangerous Carbon Pollution

3/26/2012 -- The Sierra Club Launches Bold, Edgy New Ads Exposing Coal Industry

3/23/2012 -- Sierra Club Applauds New Planning Standards to Protect National Forests

3/21/2012 -- Sierra Club Statement on Executive Order to Expedite Cushing-Port Arthur Pipeline

3/20/2012 -- Georgia Power to Retire Old Coal, But Must Do More for Clean Energy

3/20/2012 -- Groups Sue Two Mining Companies for Endangering WV Streams

3/16/2012 -- Environmental and Public Health Groups Intervene to Defend Mercury Protections

3/15/2012 -- Victory in Mississippi: Supreme Court Sides with Sierra Club, Against Proposed Kemper Coal Plant

3/12/2012 -- Pennsylvania Sierra Club Exposes the Truth of New Fracking Law

3/14/2012 -- Breaking the Gridlock: U.S. Senate Passes Bipartisan Transportation Bill

3/8/2012 -- New Report Outlines Activities of Canadian Government to Undermine International Climate Action

3/8/2012 -- U.S. Senate Rejects Polluter Pile-On

3/8/2012 -- New Report Outlines Activities of Canadian Government to Undermine International Climate Action

3/7/2012 -- Virginians Act to Protect Rights of Citizens in Mining Communities

3/6/2012 -- New TV Ad Supports EPA Protections Against Carbon Pollution

3/2/2012 -- ICYMI Oil Prices Press Conference Call Recording Now Available

3/2/2012 -- Sierra Club Teams with Discovery Channel on Groundbreaking Natural History Series 'Frozen Planet'

3/1/2012 -- Sierra Club Accepting Applications for The Best Internship on Earth

3/1/2012 -- Environmentalists Continue Fight Against LNG Fracking

February 2012

2/29/2012 -- Sierra Club Marks Milestone as 100th Coal Plant Set to Retire 

2/29/2012 -- Victory for Clean Air: GenOn Energy to Retire Seven Coal Plants

2/29/2012 -- Historic Win for Clean Air as Chicago's Fisk and Crawford Coal Plants Announce Retirement

2/27/2012 -- TransCanada Announces Plan to Build Portion of Rejected Tar Sands Pipeline

2/23/2012 -- Sierra Club Statement on President's Energy Policy

2/18/2012 -- Navajo & Environmental Organizations Partner to Appeal Peabody’s Kayenta Coal Mine Permit

2/17/2012 -- Congress Jeopardizes 40,000 Clean Energy Jobs

2/17/2012 -- Shell Oil Plan to Drill off Arctic Coast Advances 

2/16/2012 -- Polluters Move to Block Landmark Mercury Protections

2/15/2012 -- House Republicans' Desperate Stunt to Pass Worst Transportation Bill Ever

2/14/2012 -- Half a Million Americans to US Senate: Say NO to Keystone XL

2/13/2012 -- Sierra Club Statement on Obama Administration's 2013 Budget

2/13/2012 -- Service Members Reconnect With Public Lands They Fight to Defend

2/09/2012 -- Sierra Club Stands in Solidarity with Port Truckers of Washington State

2/09/2012 -- Sierra Club, Allies, Work to Secure Clean and Safe Tennessee Streams

2/08/2012 -- Is Arch Coal About to Mine Historic Blair Mountain?

2/08/2012 -- Clean Air Victory: First Energy to Shut Down Three Coal Fired Plants in West Virginia

2/07/2012 -- Sierra Club Fights Liquefied Natural Gas Exports

2/06/2012 -- BP Legal Settlement Likely, Sierra Club Calls on President Obama to Restore the Gulf Coast and Protect the Public Interest

2/02/2012 -- Sierra Club Statement on Department of Interior's Mid-Atlantic Offshore Wind Findings

January 2012

1/31/2012 -- House Republicans Unveil Transportation Bill that Only Big Oil could Love

1/26/2012 -- New Forest Planning Prioritizes Science, Water

1/26/2012 -- Major Victory for Clean Air: First Energy to Retire Six Coal Plants

1/26/2012 -- U-M, Sierra Club to study links between outdoor experience, veterans' mental health

1/25/2012 -- Georgia Pulls Funding for New Coal -- Part of National Trend

1/24/2012 -- Sierra Club Statement on State of the Union Address

1/23/2012 -- New Report -- Outlook Mostly Cloudy for Coal, Brighter for Clean Energy 

1/20/2012 -- The Dirtiest Political Ad of the Year -- With Puppets

1/18/2012 -- BFD: President Obama Rejects Dirty Keystone XL Pipeline

1/18/2012 -- Joint Statement: Labor Unions and Environmental Groups Support President's Rejection of Keystone XL Pipeline

1/17/2012 -- Agreement Cuts Pollution by Retiring Dirty, Old Coal in Carolinas

1/12/2012 -- New TV Ad Thanks Pres. Obama for Standing Up to Polluters

1/10/2012 -- College Basketball Gets Clean Energy Boost from Sierra Club

1/09/2012 -- Grand Canyon Saved from New Uranium Mining

1/09/2012 -- Sierra Club Launches "Real Republicans" Project with The Sock Puppet Primary

December 2011

12/22/2011 -- A Huge Year for Public Health, and Outlook Dimmed for Big Coal

12/22/2011 -- Sierra Club and Audubon Win Major Environmental Benefits for Arkansas in Turk Settlement

12/22/2011 -- New TV Ad from Sierra Club Celebrates President's Mercury Protections

12/21/2011 -- Sierra Club Applauds President Obama for Landmark Mercury Protections

12/19/2011 -- The Sierra Club Foundation Appoints Youngest Member to the Board of Directors

12/17/2011 -- Senate Votes to Fast Track Dirty Oil Pipeline

12/16/2011 -- House GOP Holds Taxpayers and Workers Hostage

12/11/2011 -- Sierra Club Statement on Durban Climate Talks

12/08/2011 -- Sierra Club Launches "Safe Sushi" App

12/07/2011 -- Canadian Prime Minister Visits White House, Tar Sands Advocates, "We Don’t Want Your Dirty Oil"

12/06/2011 -- Wisconsin’s Dairyland Power Cooperative Ongoing Transition Away from Coal

12/06/11 -- Conservation Groups Challenge U.S. Forest Service’s Plan for Dirty Coal Strip Mining in National Grassland

12/06/11 -- Sierra Club Beyond Coal Director Mary Anne Hitt Responds to Upper Big Branch Mine Disaster Settlement

12/05/2011 -- Elden Hughes, Sierra Club Hero and Champion For Desert Wilderness, Dies at 80

12/05/2011 -- Sierra Club Rallies for Mercury Awareness Week

12/02/2011 -- Congress Considers Bills to Short Circuit Environmental Review of Keystone XL Tar Sands Pipeline Proposal

12/02/2011 -- Another Coal Plant Dead: Consumer Energy's Bay City Plant Over For Good

12/02/2011 -- EPA unveils revised protections against boilers' toxic mercury

12/02/2011 -- New TV Ad Highlights Rep. Issa's War on Clean Energy Jobs

November 2011

November 30, 2011 -- Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Kumi Naidoo and other African leaders call on Canada to fight global warming, not boost tar sands

11/22/2011 -- New TV Ads Highlight House Leadership's War on Clean Energy Jobs

11/16/2011 -- Austin Mayor Renews Commitment to Move Austin Beyond Coal

11/16/2011 -- President Obama Takes Biggest Single Step to Move America Beyond Oil

11/10/2011 -- State Dept. Puts Brakes on Dirty Keystone XL Tar Sands Pipeline

11/10/2011 -- Treasures of America's Outdoors Recognized, Recommended for Protection

11/10/2011 -- U.S. Senate Soundly Rejects Rand Paul's Attack on Clean Air

11/8/2011 -- Interior Dept. Announces New Plans for Risky Offshore Drilling

11/8/2011 -- Coalition Files Three Lawsuits to Demand national Coal Treat Pollution From Coal Mines

11/7/2011 -- Sierra Club Highlights Dangers of Mercury in DC Metro Ad Buy

11/3/2011 -- Former NHL Goalie Joins the Sierra Club Foundation Board of Directors

11/1/2011 -- Toxic Coal Ash Pours into Lake Michigan

11/1/2011 -- Sierra Club Announces Endorsement in New Mexico Congressional Race

October 2011

10/28/2011 -- Groups call on inspector general to investigate State Department's Keystone XL review

10/26/2011 -- Obama Administration: No Uranium Mining Near Grand Canyon

10/24/2011 -- Nebraska Governor Calls Special Session on Keystone XL Pipeline

10/21/2011 -- Federal Court Reinstates Roadless Rule

10/14/2011 -- U.S. House Passes Bill to Keep Communities Exposed to Toxic Coal Ash

10/14/2011 -- Rick Perry's Energy Plan: Wheeze, Baby Wheeze

10/13/2011 -- Statement on the Eviction of Wall Street Protesters

10/13/2011 -- House Leadership Scores Points for Polluters, Endangers Public Health

10/10/2011 -- Sierra Club Releases Clean Water Voting Record

10/6/2011 -- U.S. House Continues Assault on Clean Air

10/5/2011 -- Students Take Action Nationwide to Move Campuses Beyond Coal

September 2011

9/27/2011 -- DJ Steve Porter Remixes Michael Bloomberg and the Sierra Club

9/23/2011 -- U.S. House Passes TRAIN Act

9/23/2011 -- Sierra Club Announces 2011 National Awards

9/16/2011 -- Sierra Club Releases Spanish-Language TV Ad Criticizing Smog Protections Delay

9/15/2011 -- Sierra Club Applauds Retirement of Cane Run, Green River, and Tyrone Coal Plants in Kentucky

9/12/2011 -- Sierra Club Welcomes Phase-out of Luminant Coal Plant Units in Texas

9/8/2011 -- President Obama Unveils American Jobs Act

9/2/2011 -- Obama Delays Smog Protections until at least 2013

9/1/2011 -- Sierra Club Celebrates Dominion Decision to Phase out Two Virginia Coal Plants

August 2011

8/30/2011 -- Sierra Club Celebrates Retirement of Potomac River Coal Plant

8/26/2011 -- State Dept. Endorses Dirty Tar Sands Monstrosity

8/22/2011 -- Military Families Receive Rods and Reels Donation

8/17/2011 -- SIERRA Magazine Announces the 5th Annual Top Coolest Schools

8/16/2011 -- Poll Finds Powerful Opposition to MTR in the Heart of Coal Country

8/12/2011 -- EPA Delays Smog Protections Again

8/9/2011 -- Sierra Club Applauds Historic Heavy Trucks Standard

8/5/2011 -- Sierra Club Announces Endorsement in New Mexico Senate Race

July 2011

7/29/2011 -- President Takes Major Step in Moving America Beyond Oil

7/28/2011 -- EPA to Curb Pollution from Oil and Gas Drilling Nationwide

7/27/2011 -- U.S. House Shows Strong Support for Wildlife Protection

7/26/2011 -- Congress Passes Bill to Force Decision on Dangerous Oil Pipeline

7/21/2011 -- Bloomberg Philanthropies commits $50 million to Sierra Club's Beyond Coal Campaign to move America toward cleaner energy  

7/19/2011 -- Sierra Club's Beyond Coal Campaign Reaches Milestone in Effort to Phase-Out Existing Coal-Fired Power Plants 

7/13/2011 -- U.S. House of Representatives Votes to Gut Clean Water Act

7/12/2011 -- Bloomberg's Electric Vehicle Announcement and "Revenge of the Electric Car" Documentary Promote a Solution to High Gas Prices and our Oil Addiction  

7/7/2011 -- EPA's Cross-State Air Pollution Protection will Improve Millions of Lives

7/7/2011 - Broad Coalition of Industry, Local Govt. and Public Interest Groups Support Electric Vehicles and Freedom from Oil

7/2/2011 -- Sierra Club Statement on Exxon Pipeline Rupture in Yellowstone River

June 2011

6/23/2011 -- Sierra Club Response on Tapping of Strategic Petroleum Reserves 

6/22/2011 -- Sierra Club Wants Answers From EPA on Toxic Hydrogen Sulfide Gas

6/22/2011 -- New Report: Getting the Grid to Work for Us

6/20/2011 -- Supreme Court Rules EPA Should Protect Us from Coal Pollution

6/20/2011 -- San Antonio to Shut Down City-Owned Coal Plant, Replace with Solar

6/20/2011 -- Sierra Club Applauds Action to Protect Public Lands, Waters Surrounding Grand Canyon

6/15/2011 -- House Subcommittee Passes Bill to Rush Decision on Dangerous Tar Sands Pipeline

6/14/2011 -- New Analysis: Hispanics at Higher Risk for Mercury Pollution

6/9/2011 -- Sierra Club Statement on Proposed AEP Phase-Out of Coal Plants

6/7/2011 -- Environmental Protection Agency Questions Safety of Toxic Tar Sands Pipeline

6/1/2011 -- New Guidance on Wild Lands

May 2011

5/26/2011 -- Residents Flood EPA Hearings, Demand Safeguards from Coal Pollution

5/25/2011 -- Sierra Club Calls New Vehicle Fuel Efficiency Labels an Improvement

5/20/2011 -- ADVISORY: Telephone Press Conference--EPA Mercury Hearings

5/20/2011 -- Sierra Club Celebrates Endangered Species Day

5/18/2011 -- Senate Soundly Rejects McConnell Drilling Bill

5/17/2011 -- Majority of Senate Votes to End Tax Breaks for Big Oil

5/17/2011 -- Clean Energy Continues to Grow, Leaving Coal Behind

5/14/2011 -- Has Big Oil Amnesia Spread to the White House?

5/05/2011 -- Shill, Baby, Shill: House Rewards Big Oil, Does Nothing to Help Consumers at the Pump

April 2011

4/29/2011 -- Court Victory Clears the Way for Better Clean Car Standards

4/29/2011 -- Pacific Northwest to Go Coal Free

4/28/2011 -- Sierra Club Launches New Interactive Map of U.S. Coal-fired Power Plants

4/27/2011 -- Obama Administration Announces New Clean Water Protection Policy

4/22/2011 -- Sierra Club Co-hosts Revenge of the Electric Car Film Premiere

4/20/2011 -- One Year After the BP Disaster: Gulf Communities still in Crisis

4/19/2011 -- Sierra Club Tests Hundreds Nationwide for Levels of Toxic Mercury in their Bodies

4/15/2011 -- State Department Releases Sloppy Analysis of Dirty Tar Sands Oil Pipeline

4/14/2011 -- Congress Passes Budget: Fight for Clean Air and Water Far From Over

4/14/2011 -- Clean AIr Victory -- TVA Phasing Out 18 Coal Plants

4/14/2011 -- Sierra Club Teams up with PACT Underwear and Designer Yves Behar to Expose Coal

4/13/2011 -- Oklahoma Citizens to EPA: Keep Coal Pollution Out of Our Air

4/12/2011 -- Sierra Club Joins First Lady Michelle Obama in Honoring Military Families

4/11/2011 -- Sierra Club Ally Hilton Kelley Awarded Prestigious Goldman Prize

4/11/2011 -- Sierra Club Ally Francisco Pineda Awarded Goldman Prize for Latin America

4/09/2011 -- Budget Deal Reached: Victory for Clean Air and Water

4/08/2011 -- Sierra Club Strongly Opposes Action Plan for U.S.-Colombia Trade Deal

4/07/2011 -- House Shills for Polluters, Endangering Americans' Health

4/06/2011 -- Senate Beats Back Multiple Attacks on Clean Air Act

4/05/2011 -- Groups to Interior Department: Put Clean Energy First

4/01/2011 -- Sierra Club to Rally in 20 Cities for 'We Are One' Day of Action for Workers Rights, Civil Rights and Environmental Rights

March 2011

3/31/2011 -- U.S. House Fails to Protect Our Water from Pesticides

3/30/2011 -- Sierra Club Statement on President Obama's Energy Security Plan

3/29/2011 -- Shredded Fish and Dirty Coal -- Sierra Club Statement on Cooling Water Rule

3/22/2011 -- Groups Decry Salazar's Dirty Energy Giveaway

3/18/2011 -- Settlement Reached on Wolf Recovery in Northern Rockies

3/16/2011 -- EPA Proposes Strong Safeguards to Protect Children from Toxic Mercury

3/16/2011 -- Toxic Tar Sands Pipeline Draws Scrutiny from State Department 

3/15/2011 -- Company Withdraws Permit Application for Coal Export Mega-Terminal in Washington State

3/11/2011 -- Sierra Club Response, Presidential Press Conference on Rising Oil Prices

3/10/2011 -- Sierra Club Decries Vote to Strip Workers' Rights, Supports Recall of State Senators

3/10/2011 -- Future of Our Forests, Nationwide Series of Public Meetings Kicks Off Today

3/07/2011 -- Agreement Reached to Retire Only Coal-Fired Power Plant in Washington

3/02/2011 -- New Report, Securing a Clean Energy Future for the Northeast

3/01/2011 -- New Report -- Clean Air Act Saves Millions of Lives, Trillions of Dollars

February 2011

2/23/2011 -- EPA Issues Final Standard to Protect Americans from Boilers' Toxic Pollution

2/19/2011 -- House Vote Kicks Americans While They're Down: Passes Bill Gutting Air and Water Protections 235-189

2/16/2011 -- Get Outside: New White House Report Sets Conservation, Recreation Agenda

2/16/2011 -- New Report: Tar Sands Pipeline Safety Hazards 

2/15/2011 -- Citizen Groups Demand Strong Clean Air Protections at Second National Listening Session

2/15/2011 -- Obama Transportation Plan Cuts Pollution, Helps End Oil Dependence

2/14/2011 -- Statement on Presidential and House Budgets

2/14/2011 -- The Sierra Club Announces "The Best Internship on Earth for 2011"

2/10/2011 -- Broad Coalition of Groups Demands Clean Air for Americans

2/07/2011 -- Sierra Club Reacts to Announcement of Offshore Wind Initiative

2/07/2011 -- Sierra Club to Join U.S. Suit vs. BP

2/04/2011 -- Plans for 150 New Coal Plants Scrapped, Clean Energy Picks Up Steam

2/02/2011 -- Sierra Club Applauds Release of National Park Service Plan to Restore Natural Quiet of the Grand Canyon

2/01/2011 -- Cancer-Causing Chemical in the Water: New Report Details Risk

2/01/2011 -- As Oil Profits Soar, Sierra Club Calls for End to Subsidies

January 2011

1/28/2011 -- Sierra Club Launches Effort to Expose Koch Brothers

1/25/2011 -- Sierra Club Statement on State of the Union Address

1/25/2011 -- Sierra Club Welcomes First Natural Gas Reform Campaign Director

1/20/2011 -- Toxic Air Pollution Protections Delayed

1/19/2011 -- Coalition of Clean Air Groups Bring Actions Against Federal Government for Failure to Act to Protect People nd National Parks

1/13/2011 -- EPA Vetoes Massive Proposed West Virginia Mountaintop Removal Mine

1/11/2011 -- Oil Spill Commission Releases Full Report on BP Disaster Safety

1/09/2011 -- Sierra Club Statement on Deadly Shooting in Tucson

1/06/2011 -- Oil Spill Commission's Independent Report Critical to Understanding the Dangers of Dirty Fuels

December 2010

12/23/2010 -- EPA Take News Steps to Limit Carbon Pollution from Biggest Polluters

12/22/2010 -- 2010, Outlook Dimmed for Coal

12/17/2010 -- Dirty Fuels Giveaways Undermine Clean Energy Economy

12/15/2010 -- After Biggest Offshore Oil Spill in U.S. History, BP Must Be Held Accountable

12/11/2010 -- Cancun Package Infuses Much-Needed Momentum into Climate Talks

12/10/2010 -- Federal Court Denies Polluter’s Motions to Block EPA Progress

12/08/2010 -- EPA Delays Clean Air Protections

12/07/2010 -- Fred Upton Named House Energy and Commerce Chairman

12/06/2010 -- Arctic 50th Anniversary: Make It a Monument, Citizens Say

12/02/2010 -- EPA Celebrates 40 Years as Protector of Our Health and Environment

12/1/2010 -- Obama to Keep Drilling Ban

12/01/2010 -- Strengthening Car Standards Creates Jobs, Can Move Us Beyond Oil

November 2010

11/30/2010 -- Groups Launch TV Ads Vs. Toxic Pipeline

11/29/2010 -- Sierra Club Mourns Richard Goldman, Creator of Goldman Prize

11/24/2010 -- Fifth Circuit Decision Finds Construction of Sandy Creek Coal Plant in Texas Unlawful

11/23/2010 -- Sierra Club Applauds Salazar Offshore Wind Initiative

11/18/2010 -- Hundreds of Concerned Citizens Protest Poison Tar Sands Oil Pipeline

11/17/2010 -- Moms, Families Speak Out for Toxic Coal Ash Protections

11/16/2010--New Campaign: Make Arctic Refuge a National Monument

11/16/2010 -- Groups to Sen. Manchin: Stop Standing in the Way of Clean Water

11/10/2010 -- EPA Issues New Clean Air Act Guidance

11/10/2010 -- Sierra Club Honors Our Nation's Veterans

11/9/2010 -- Coming Clean: New Michael Brune book edition shows path to clean energy

11/8/2010 -- New, Toxic Coal Ash Hotline

11/5/2010 -- Newly-Approved 2012 National Model Building Energy Code Boosts Energy-Efficiency by Thirty Percent

11/3/2010 -- No Intention of Ceding America's Future to Big Oil

11/3/2010 -- ReEnergize the Vote, Sierra Student Coalition Increase NV, PA, OR, CO, TX Youth Voter Turnout

October 2010

10/29/2010 -- Senators Urge Clinton to Weigh Risks of Toxic Pipeline

10/26/2010 -- ELECTION: New Sierra Club TV Ad in Pivotal Perriello VA-5 Race 

10/25/2010 -- Sierra Club Welcomes First-Ever Fuel Efficiency and Pollution Standards for Heavy Trucks

10/22/2010 -- Sierra Club Launches Three New Political Ads in Key Races Against Big Oil Interests

10/22/2010 -- Sierra Club Calls on Hillary Clinton to Weigh Risks of Toxic Pipeline

10/21/2010 -- New "Don't Let Detroit Turn Back" Print Ad Buy from Environmental, Science Coalition for Car Standards 

 10/20/2010 -- Elections: New Video--Ken Buck in his own words

10/19/2010 -- BP Disaster: 6 Months and $68 Million Later

10/19/2010 -- Charlotte to be Battleground for National Building Energy Efficiency Debate: Government Officials from Across the Nation to Vote on 30% Increase in Efficiency 

10/18/2010 -- Sierra Student Coalition and 'ReEnergize the Vote' Incite Youth to Vote Early in Six Key States

10/15/2010 Victory for Appalachians as EPA Recommends No Mining at Biggest Mountaintop Mine

10/14/2010 Sierra Club Applauds Wildlife Climate Survival Strategy

10/13/2010  New TV Ad in Perriello Race from League of Conservation Voters and Sierra Club

10/12/2010 Obama to Lift Drilling Ban: Sierra Club Statement

10/12/2010 ReEnergize the Vote Ramps up Youth-Focused Get-Out-the-Vote Drive in Six Key States

10/8/2010 Sierra Club Welcomes Tom Baruch to Climate Cabinet of Climate Recovery Partnership

10/7/2010 Sierra Club Endorses Both Crist and Meek for U.S. Senate

10/5/2010  U.S. Military Takes a Stand Against Fossil Fuels

10/5/2010 NFL star Ovie Mughelli launches Sierra Club PSA about Toxic Coal Ash

10/4/2010 Sierra Club Launches Campaign to Elect Environmental Champions

10/01/2010 New Clean Car Standards Could Break Oil Addiction

September 2010

9/31/2010 Sierra Club Applauds New Drilling Safeguards, Calls for Aggressive Measures to End Oil Dependence

9/29/2010 Toxic Coal Ash Pond Breached in North Carolina

9/28/2010 ReEnergize the Vote to Marshal Young Voters on 16 College Campuses on National Voter Registration Day

9/28/2010 Navy Issues Gulf Recovery Plan: Sierra Club Response

9/23/2010 U.S. Rep. Norman Dicks to Receive Sierra Club Distinguished Service Award

9/23/2010 Sierra Club Responds to GOP Pledge; New Animated Twitter Site Tracks Big Oil Money, Politicians

9/21/2010 23,000 Californians Join Conversation About Defeating Proposition 23

9/21/2010 ADVISORY: Citizens Urge Protection for Giant Sequoia

9/21/2010 New Video: Rand Paul in his own extreme words

9/17/2010 ADVISORY: Gulf Coast Leaders on BP Disaster Recovery

9/16/2010 Video Eva Mendes, Ed Begley Jr.: "Move Beyond Oil"

9/15/2010 Sierra Club Condemns Pennsylvania Security Agency's Scare Tactics

9/14/2010 Clean Air Act at 40 Still Needs to Be Protected

9/14/2010 Sen. Baucus Calls for Hasty Approval of Dangerous Oil Pipeline

9/13/2010 Threats to Nevada Wildlands, Cultural Sites, and Jobs Prompt Legal Challenge of Ruby Gas Pipeline

9/13/2010 Sierra Club Launches New Facebook Tool, Ads, Video on Toxic Coal Ash

9/10/2010  Sierra Club Presents Obama with Vision for Managing America's Great Outdoors

9/10/2010 Americans Call for Tighter Regulation of Hydraulic 'Fracking' in Oil and Gas Drilling

9/9/2010  Environmental, Science Coalition calls on President to Raise Fuel Efficiency Standards to At Least 60 MPG by 2025 

9/7/2010 ADVISORY: Sierra Club Executive Director to Join Concerned Residents from TX, AR, OK and LA at Rally in Dallas for Protection from Toxic Coal Ash

9/2/2010 Oil Rig Explodes in Gulf: Sierra Club Statement

9/1/2010 Court Orders Patriot Coal to Pay $45 Million to Treat Toxic Selenium

August 2010

8/26/2010 New Report Reveals Widespread Toxic Coal Ash Contamination

8/24/2010 Katrina Anniversary Sierra Club Promotes Recovery, Solutions on Gulf Coast

8/19/2010 EPA Seeks Comment on Life-Saving Clean Air Protections

8/18/2010 EPA Takes Action on Gender-Bending Chemical

8/16/2010 Sierra Magazine Names America's Top 20 "Coolest" Schools

8/12/2010 Polluters Using GOP to Push for License to Kill

8/5/2010 Toxic Tar Sands Pipeline Under Scrutiny After Michigan Disaster

8/3/2010  Senate Fails to Pass BP Disaster Response in the Wake of the Worst Oil Spill in History

July 2010

7/30/2010 BLM Keeps Drilling Out of Arctic Habitat

7/30/2010 CLEAR Act Passes: Sierra Club Statement

7/30/2010 Sierra Club to Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac: Stop Blocking Home Energy Program

7/29/2010 Oil Pipeline Disaster Threatens Lake Michigan

7/29/2010 EPA Denies Petitions Disputing Greenhouse Gas Endangerment Findings

7/29/2010  Sierra Club Supports Reid’s Clean Energy Jobs and Oil Company Accountability Act

7/28/2010 Groups Demand Protection from Oil and Gas Air Pollution

7/27/2010 Congress Must Pass BP Response and Clean Energy Legislation Now

7/22/2010 Senate Must Act on Oil and Clean Energy

7/15/2010 Flow of Oil Stemmed: Sierra Club Statement

7/15/2010  Statement on Oil Independence for a Stronger America Act

7/13/2010 Athletes Tour Gulf Coast Disaster, Reflect on Need to Move Off Oil

7/12/2010  Obama Administration Enacts New Moratorium on Deepwater Drilling

7/9/2010 President Obama Signs Landmark Formaldehyde Legislation

7/6/2010 EPA Transport Rule Would Save As Many As 36,000 Lives Each Year

June 2010

6/30/2010 EPA Approves Destructive WV Mountaintop Removal Coal Mine

6/30/2010 Vets, Sierra Club, Labor Plant 10,000 Flags: FREEDOM FROM OIL

6/29/2010 Sierra Club Statement on White House Meeting on Climate/Energy Bill 

6/23/2010 ADVISORY: Largest Gathering vs. Offshore Drilling in History

6/22/2010 Sierra Club to Appeal Moratorium Decision

6/21/2010 BP Disaster Panel Indicates Drilling Ban Will Stay

6/15/2010 Sierra Club to Plant Thousands of Flags; Call for Independence from Oil

6/15/2010 Response to Obama Oval Office Address

6/15/2010 More Off-Shore Drilling As BP’s Oil Disaster Grows?

6/10/2010 Senate Rejects Big Oil Bailout

6/10/2010 Americans Join Hands Across Country to Protest Offshore Drilling

6/9/2010  Lugar Bill Fails to Deliver Clean Energy Future

6/8/2010 Obama Admin. Moves Forward with Offshore Drilling

6/7/2010 Sierra Club Ad: BP Disaster is Leadership Moment

6/7/2010 Sierra Club Urges Lugar to Join Bi-Partisan Energy Effort

6/4/2010 BP Disaster: Sierra Club Launches Beyond Oil Campaign

6/4/2010 Oil Industry Holds Gulf Jobs Hostage

6/3/2010 Michael Brune Tours Gulf, Calls on Obama to Move Beyond Oil

6/3/2010 Cleaner Air Coming, New EPA Air Pollution Safeguard

6/3/2010 Sierra Club Challenges Phony BP Response Plans

6/2/2010 Fiorina Ignores CIA, Self in Criticism of Boxer on Global Warming

6/2/2010 New Offshore Drilling Approved in Gulf

6/2/2010 ADVISORY: BP Disaster Press Briefing in Louisiana

6/1/2010 White House Vows to Pursue BP Disaster Criminal Investigation

May 2010

5/27/2010 President Halts New Drilling In Arctic, VA

5/27/2010 Oil on Memorial Day: Joint Report Shows Dependence Threatens Security, Economy, Environment

5/22/2010 White House Announces Leaders for BP Disaster Investigation

5/21/2010 Shuttered Toyota Plant Reopens for Cleaner Cars

5/21/2010 New Truck Standards Will Help Curb Oil Addiction

5/20/2010 One Month After BP Blowout, Sierra Club Calls for Moratorium

5/20/2010 Sierra Club Board of Directors Elects New President and Officers

5/13/2010 Big Oil Bailout Prevention Act Blocked in Senate

5/12/2010 White House Unveils BP Disaster Response Package

5/12/2010 Sierra Club Statement on American Power Act

5/11/2010 Senate Investigates BP Disaster; Salazar to Reform MMS

5/8/2010 BP Disaster: Citizens Rally in New Orleans Today

5/7/2010 The Sierra Club Announces Top 10 Finalists for "The Best Internship on Earth"

5/6/2010 U.S. House Passes Home Star Energy Efficiency Program with Bipartisan Support

5/6/2010 Virginia Offshore Drilling Plans Suspended

5/6/2010 ADVISORY: Sierra Club Gulf Coast Rally; Facebook Live Chat *Today*

5/5/2010 Sierra Club Director: Firsthand Account from Gulf Coast

5/4/2010 PRESS CONFERENCE: Sierra Club, Senate Leaders on BP Disaster

5/3/2010 California Governor Ends Support for Offshore Drilling

5/3/2010 Gulf Disaster: Will BP Pay for Lost Jobs, Decades of Recovery?

5/3/2010 ADVISORY: Senators, Enviro Leaders Discuss Oil Spill Impact on Drilling Policy

5/2/2010 Sierra Club Says Reinstate Drilling Moratorium

April 2010

4/30/2010 White House Suspends New Drilling as Oil Hits Shore

4/29/2010 ADVISORY Good Jobs Green Jobs Conference May 4-6 in D.C.

4/28/2010 Participants in "Great Coal Debate" Discuss Dirty, Dangerous and Outdated Source of Energy

4/28/2010 Cape Wind: A Huge Victory for Clean Energy

4/27/2010 Massey Energy Faces Legal Challenge for Clean Water Act Violations

4/27/2010 BP Spill: Oil is Dirty, Dangerous, and Deadly

4/26/2010 Sierra Club Urges Senate to Move on Climate/Energy Bill

4/23/2010 Sierra Club to Face Off Against Peabody Coal in "Great Coal Debate" Hosted by Washington University, St. Louis

4/22/2010 On 40th Earth Day Time to Stand Up to Polluters Again!

4/21/2010 Vice President Announces $452 Million for Clean Energy Jobs, Efficiency

4/21/2010  On John Muir's Birthday, New Site Launched to Celebrate Life and Works

4/20/2010 Sierra Club Celebrates 40th Earth Day

4/19/2010 Gov. Ritter Signs Bill to Move Colorado Beyond Coal

4/19/2010 Sierra Club Activist Wins Prestigious Goldman Environmental Prize

4/15/2010 Home Star Bill Clears Key House Committee

4/15/2010 Sierra Club Applauds White House Great Outdoors Effort

4/9/2010 State Dept. Issues Review of Massive Tar Sands Pipeline

4/08/2010 World Bank Vote To Give Billions to Coal

4/07/2010 Eco-Heroes Go Mobile: First iPhone App from Sierra Club

4/06/2010 Colorado's Roadless Plan Wrong Approach for Forest Protection

4/1/2010 EPA Cracks Down on Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining

4/1/2010 Obama Admin Auto Rules a Major Victory for America

March 2010

3/31/2010 Youth Nationwide Get Outside and Celebrate Nature

3/31/2010 Sierra Club Response to Obama Drilling Plan

3/26/2010 White House to Launch Great Outdoors Initiative

3/26/2010 EPA Recommends No Mining at Biggest Mountaintop Removal Coal Mine

3/19/2010 U.S. House Votes for Outdoor Environmental Education

3/17/2010 Sen. McCain's Rider Threatens Grand Canyon National Park

3/16/2010 Tours Highlight Benefits of Green Building

3/16/2010 New Sierra Club Executive Director Spells Out Initial Thoughts, Priorities

3/16/2010 Clean Air Day, Events Nationwide Call Attention to Smog

3/11/2010 Sierra Club Joins 40+ Other Groups in Calling for an "Earth Day Revolution"

3/8/2010  Dr. Edgar Wayburn dies at 103

3/5/2010 Sage Grouse Placed on ESA "Candidate" List

3/4/2010 Sierra Club Ad: "Pandora Isn't the Only Planet in Peril"

3/3/2010 New Ad Campaign-Sierra Club Tells Blanche Lincoln: "No Big Oil Bailout!"

3/2/2010 House GOP Backs Big Oil Bailout; EPA Administrator to Face Senate Appropriators

3/2/2010 Congress Urged to Pass Home Star Program Touted by President Obama

February 2010

2/25/2010 Sierra Club Salutes Van Jones

2/22/2010 EPA Clarifies Plans for New Carbon Regulations, Responds to Senators' Concerns

2/22/2010 Sierra Club Seeks Protection for Endangered Leatherback Turtles

2/18/2010 U.S. FWS Sued Over Repeated Failures to Protect Endangered Florida Panther

2/18/2010 New Guidance on Climate Change to Improve NEPA

2/17/2010 Sierra Club Celebrates Recovery Act, One Year On

2/16/2010 Sierra Club Responds to President Obama's Nuclear Loan Guarantees

2/16/2010 Athletes, Environmentalists: Save Winter Olympics, Stop the Oil Sands

2/16/2010 New Ads Call Out Blanche Lincoln for Backing Big Oil Bailout, Attacking Clean Air Act

2/10/2010 Northwest Takes Significant Step Toward Becoming First Region in the Nation to Go Coal Free

2/09/2010 Sierra Club Praises Obama Administration Efforts to Encourage Outdoor Activity, Better Nutrition for America's Youth

2/08/2010 Sierra Club Praises New NOAA Climate Service

2/03/2010 Sierra Club Reactions to Obama Remarks, Obama Admin Coal, Biofuels Announcements

2/02/2010 New Smog Standards, EPA Gathers Public Input

2/02/2010 Sierra Club Statement on Copenhagen Accord Commitments, Quadrennial Defense Review

2/01/2010 Sierra Club Statement on the President's Budget

January 2010

1/29/2010 Obama Initiative to Slash Federal Government's Emissions, Energy Costs

1/28/2010 Obama High-Speed Rail Plan to Put Americans to Work, Cut Oil Dependence

1/27/2010 Sierra Club Statement on the President's State of the Union Address

1/21/2010 Clean Air Act Under Attack as New Poll Shows Strong Support for EPA Action

1/21/2010 High Court Unleashes Tsunami of Corporate Cash with Citizens United Ruling

1/20/2010 Sierra Club Announces New Executive Director

1/13/2010 Report: Obama Admin Clean Energy Investments Putting America to Work

1/11/2010 Big Polluter Lobbyists Behind Attempts to Gut Clean Air Act

1/11/2010 Massey, 12,000 New Water Violations Cited

1/8/2010 Hopi and Navajo Residents Stop Peabody's Coal Mine Expansion on Black Mesa

1/8/2010 Obama Admin Investments in Clean Energy to Jumpstart Job Creation

1/7/2010 Scientists Agree Mountaintop Removal Destroys Appalachia

1/7/2010 New EPA Air Standard, Breath of Fresh Air

1/6/2010 Sierra Club Praises Dept of Interior Leasing Reform Plans

1/5/2010 Richard Pombo: Big Oil's Best Friend Seeks Bail Out

1/5/2010 EPA Approves WV Mountaintop Removal Mining Permit

December 2009

12/22/2009 120+ Groups Seek Coal Ash Safeguards, TVA Spill Anniversary

12/21/2009 2009, No New Coal Plants Break Ground

12/18/2009 Copenhagen Climate Deal Historic, If Incomplete

12/17/2009   Sierra Club Reacts to Clinton Climate Finance Bombshell

12/15/2009  Senator Murkowski Seeks to Unlearn Dangers of Global Warming

12/15/2009 Obama Spurs Job Growth with Home Efficiency Investments

12/10/2009 Sierra Club Applauds Bipartisan Work on Clean Energy Jobs Legislation

12/8/2009 Sierra Club Applauds Obama Clean Energy Jobs Announcement

12/7/2009 Obama EPA Spells out Dangers of Global Warming Pollution

12/7/2009 Obama Nomination of Strickland for NHTSA is Right Choice

12/2/2009 Information on Sierra Club Delegation to Copenhagen Climate Summit

12/2/2009  Toxic Coal Ash Communities Kept in the Dark, Groups File FOIA

November 2009

11/25/2009 Obama to Copenhagen Commitment to Action on Global Warming

11/25/2009 Court Scolds Army Corps for Ignoring Public, Issuing Mining Permits

11/19/2009 Sierra Club Calls for Global Warming Protection for Florida Panther

11/19/2009 Department of Interior Stuck in Slow Motion on Mountaintop Mining

11/18/2009 EPA/Climate:  Major Global Warming Regulations Get Underway

11/17/2009 EPA/Climate: Media Availability at Hearings on Big Polluters

11/12/2009 Sierra Club, Green Building Council Launch New Project

11/10/2009 Thousands Join Ashley Judd to Move Beyond Coal, Preview Film

11/05/2009 Clean Energy Bill:  New Ads and Committee Movement

11/04/2009 Sierra Club Promotes Our National Parks En Español

11/03/2009 Endangered Turtle Habitat Threatened in Puerto Rico

11/02/2009 What's Your Excuse? 10 Excuses for Skipping Markup of the Clean Energy Jobs Bill

11/02/2009 Department of Interior Delays Action on Mountaintop Removal

October 2009

10/29/2009 Weatherization Day: Events Promote Green Jobs, Efficiency

10/28/2009 Sierra Club Applauds Clean Energy Siting Agreement

10/27/2009 Follow It Live: Senate Gets to Work on Clean Energy

10/23/2009 EPA to Set New Rules for Coal Plant Pollution

10/22/2009 Sierra Club Applauds Polar Bear Proposal

10/20/2009 Congress Says No More Border Wall Funding

10/20/2009 Dirty Part III, Sierra Club Releases Third Coal Ad

10/19/2009 White House Report Retrofit Plan Will Create Jobs, Save Energy

10/16/2009 EPA Moves to Veto Permit for Biggest Proposed Mountaintop Removal Coal Mine

10/15/2009   Clean Water: Hearing Shows Impact of Failing Clean Water Rules

10/15/2009 Forged Letters from Coal Group New Details, Hearing Postponed

10/14/2009 New Sierra Club Ad Gets Dirtier, Still Not as Dirty as Coal

10/13/2009 Sierra Club Engages Youth in Deeds/McDonnell and other Virginia Races

10/13/2009 New Report Mountaintop Removal Too Costly to Appalachia's Economy

10/6/2009 Over 100,000 Champions Stand up for National

10/6/2009 New Ads: Coal is Too Dirty, Even for College

10/5/2009 Groups Charge Environmental Injustice in Appalachia

10/01/2009 Environmental Groups, SW Tribes Stand Together to Promote Clean Energy

September 2009

9/30/2009 EPA Proposes Strong New Rules on CO2

9/30/2009 EPA Reasserts Concerns about New Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining Permits

9/30/2009 Sierra Club Applauds Clean Energy Jobs & American Power Act

9/29/2009 Citizens Hold Events Nationwide to Clean Up Coal

9/28/2009 Sierra Club Calls on Champions to Stand up for National Parks

9/25/2009 Sierra Club Announces 2009 National Award Winners

9/22/2009 Sierra Club Applauds PG&E Leaving the U.S. Chamber of Commerce

9/22/2009 Protections Restored for Yellowstone Grizzlies

9/18/2009 New Attempts by Big Polluters to Block Progress

9/17/2009 Sierra Club Hosts 700 Parties for Parks

9/16/2009 Back to School? Not for Coal;  New Campaign to Kick Coal Off Campuses

9/15/2009 White House Announces Better Gas Mileage and Less Pollution for Cars and Trucks

9/15/2009 EPA to Limit Toxic Coal Waste

9/15/2009 Groups to Obama: Don't Buy Canada's Dirty Oil

9/14/2009 Sierra Club Cheers Salazar Global Warming Strategy

9/14/2009 Groups to EPA: 26-Year Delay on Toxic Coal Waste Unacceptable

9/11/2009 Sierra Club Volunteers Participate in September 11 National Day of Service

9/11/2009 Mountain Joy: Statement of Carl Pope

9/11/2009 EPA Plans Scientific Scrutiny of New Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining Permits

9/10/2009 New Forged Letter Against Clean Energy Discovered

9/9/2009 Coal Front Group Loses Another Member

9/3/2009 Groups Challenge State Dept. Approval of Dirty Oil Pipeline

9/2/2009 On 45th Anniversary, Wilderness Faces New Challenge

9/2/2009 Duke Withdraws from Coal Coalition

August 2009

8/31/2009 EPA Data Reveal Far Reach of Toxic Coal Ash Threats

8/26/2009 New Agreement Protects Kids from Lead Poisoning in Home Renovations

8/26/2009 Sierra Club Statement on Ted Kennedy

8/25/2009 Sierra Club, Trout Unlimited Partner to Get Kids Fishing

8/20/2009 State Department Approves Dirty Oil Pipeline from Canada

8/20/2009 Sierra Magazine Names Top 20 Greenest Colleges and Universities in the Country

8/18/2009 Sierra Club Marks Katrina Anniversary with New Green Rebuilding Report

8/12/2009 Federal Court Blocks Attempt to Address Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining

8/11/2009 First of Many? New WV Mountaintop Removal Mine Approved

8/06/2009 Consumers Get It Cash For Clunkers Tool Extended

8/06/2009 Sierra Club Praises Historic Sotomayor Confirmation

8/05/2009 Senate Commemorates Upcoming 45th Anniversary of Wilderness Act

8/05/2009 Major Victory: Court Upholds Roadless Protections

8/03/2009 Sierra Club Urges DOJ to Investigate Forged Letters

July 2009

7/31/2009 Forged Letters Oppose Clean Energy?

7/23/2009 Inspector General Report Highlights Sierra Club Leadership on Formaldehyde Issue

7/22/2009 Young Americans Support Public Lands Service Corps

7/21/2009 Sierra Club Applauds EPA Administrator Jackson for Encouraging Diversity

7/20/2009 Advisory: Public Lands Service Corps Presser U.S. Capitol - 7/22

7/20/2009 Grand Canyon Uranium Mining Blocked: Sierra Club Statement

7/9/2009 100 Coal Plants Prevented or Abandoned

7/7/2009 Broken Record: Senate EPW Cmte Hears Earful on Clean Energy

7/6/2009 Senate Action on Clean Energy Bill Begins; Broken Record Project to Chronicle Hearings, Markups Live

7/2/2009 Sierra Club on Energy Independence, Green Tips for the 4th of July

7/2/2009 Tens of Thousands Tell Hillary: No Dirty Oil Pipelines

7/1/2009 Sierra Club Cheers L.A. Coal-Free Commitment

7/1/2009 EPA Takes Action on Gender-Bending Chemical

June 2009 

6/30/2009   Sierra Club Cheers Obama EPA for Approval of California Clean Cars Waiver

6/29/2009 In Reversal, EPA Names List of 44 "High Hazard" Coal Ash Waste Sites

6/29/2009 Obama Administration Increases Commitment to Energy Efficiency

6/29/2009 SCOTUS Blocks Last Ditch Effort to Build Outdated Coal Plant

6/26/2009 Sierra Club Cheers House Passage of Clean Energy Bill, Looks to Senate

6/25/2009 Sierra Club Applauds Senate Inquiry into Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining

6/25/2009 New TV Spot Feat. Obama on Clean Energy Bill as Grassroots Campaign Heats Up

6/25/2009 Groups to Clinton: Stop Stealth Dirty Oil Project

6/23/2009 Thousands Support Action on Big Picture Solutions

6/22/2009 - Sierra Club Volunteers Launch "United We Serve" Service Projects

6/18/2009 Groups to Feds: Communities Have Right to Know of Toxic Coal Ash Sites

6/18/2009 Congress Takes Up Clean Water

6/17/2009 Senate Energy Bill Falls Short on Clean Energy Sierra Club Declares Opposition

6/17/2009 Groups Launch Ad Blitz in Support of House Clean Energy Bill

6/16/2009 Govt Climate Science Report Underscores Need for Clean Energy Jobs Plan

6/16/2009 Sierra Club Announces New Conservation Director

6/11/2009 Obama Administration Moves to Slow Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining; Sierra Club Launches "What's at Stake" Website

6/9/2009 Sierra Club Announces India Award Winners

6/8/2009 Sierra Club Applauds Interior Dept. for Getting Kids Outside

6/8/2009 Supreme Court Rules Against Massey Coal

6/2/2009 House Parties Gather Across U.S. to Urge Big Picture Solutions

May 2009

5/28/2009 Farmers, Steelworkers, Tribes, Enviros Warn of Oil Pipeline Threats

5/28/2009 Sierra Club Applauds New Forest Protections

5/27/2009 Groups Call for Full Protection for Endangered Lynx

5/26/2009 Sierra Club Applauds Sotomayor Nomination

5/21/2009 Historic Clean Energy Bill Passes Committee

5/18/2009 Sierra Club Hails Obama Plan for Clean Cars

5/15/2009 New Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining a Leap in the Wrong Direction

5/14/2009 ADVISORY: EPA Holds Hearings on Global Warming, Public Health

5/13/2009 Sierra Club Statement on House Clean Energy Jobs Bill

5/8/2009 Sierra Club Urges Reconsideration of Polar Bear Rule

5/06/2009 Double Victory: Coal Companies Pay for KY, TN Illegal Mining

April 2009

4/30/2009 New Legislation Helps Wildlife Survive Global Warming

4/28/2009 Obama Admin Revokes Bush's Last Minute Assault on Endangered Species Act

4/28/2009 President Obama's 100 Days of Change Make Down Payment on Clean Energy Future

4/27/2009 Mountaintop Removal Rule Reversed; Now It's Time for Tough Enforcement, Bold Action

4/24/2009 The Broken Record: Gingrich to Follow Gore, Warner

4/23/2009 The Broken Record: The Day Ahead in Clean Energy

4/22/2009 The Broken Record: Debunking Dirty Energy's Defenders

4/22/2009 House Ramps Up Action on Clean Energy as America Celebrates 39th Earth Day

4/21/2009 Sierra Club on President Obama's Earth Day Trip to Iowa Wind Turbine Factory

4/21/2009 House Begins Historic Action on Clean Energy; Sierra Club Launches "The Broken Record" Project

4/20/2009 Sierra Club Applauds Choice of Sunstein for White House Post

4/18/2009 EPA: Global Warming Pollution Endangers Public Health & Welfare; Sierra Club Launches  "Big Picture" Campaign

4/17/2009 Court Blocks Drilling Plans for Polar Bear Habitat

4/16/2009 Threats to Communities, Whitewater River Force WV Mining Permit Appeal

4/15/2009 Citizens to Salazar: No to Offshore Drilling, Yes to Clean Energy

4/13/2009 ADVISORY: San Francisco Offshore Drilling Rally and Press Conference

4/8/2009 EPA Intervenes to Block Virginia Mountaintop Removal Coal Mine

4/8/2009 Sierra Club Supports New Dot Eco Site

4/6/2009 ADVISORY: Gulf Coast Citizens Rally for Clean Offshore Energy

4/2/2009 Interior Report Emphasizes Offshore Wind Potential

4/1/2009 Two Years After Landmark Climate Case Obama EPA to Act Where Bush Refused

4/1/2009 Sierra Club Rolls Out Support for Labor With Huge Banner, Ad Campaign

4/1/2009  Border Wall - One Year Later: Stop the Destruction

March 2009

3/31/2009 Government Report, New Wave of Coal Plants Not Needed

3/31/2009 Waxman-Markey Draft Clean Energy Bill Offers Strong Start for Green Economy

3/30/2009 President Obama to Sign Historic Wilderness Bill

3/27/2009 Statement on Fuel Economy Standards

3/26/2009 House Votes to Fund Wildfire Prevention

3/25/2009 Additional Reaction to Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining Decision

3/25/2009 Historic Public Lands Bill Clears Final Hurdle

3/24/2009 Obama Administration Intervenes to Review Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining Permits

3/23/2009 President Obama Details Climate & Energy Priorities in Budget

3/23/2009 Exxon Valdez 20th Anniversary: Statement of Carl Pope

3/10/2009 Obama EPA Sprints on Climate After Years of Bush Foot-Dragging

3/5/2009 Senate Votes to Toss Bush ESA Rules

3/5/2009 Sierra Club Uses Photo Petition, Virtual Clean Car Show to Bring Public's Voice to EPA Hearing on California Clean Car Issue

3/4/2009 Film Star Ashley Judd Joins Sierra Club to Urge Action on Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining

3/3/2009 Obama to Restore Endangered Species Protections

February 2009 

2/27/2009 Sierra Club Fights Shell Oil Water Grab

2/26/2009 Pelosi, Reid Say No to Coal at U.S. Capitol

2/26/2009 President Obama's Budget Signals New Era on Energy, Climate

2/25/2009 Interior to Scrap Bush Oil Shale Plans

2/24/2009 Hilda Freed! Sierra Club Celebrates Senate Confirmation of Hilda Solis

2/19/2009 Sierra Club Statement on Obama-Harper Energy Talks

2/18/2009 Sierra Club, Worldwatch Institute Outline Smart Choices for Biofuels in New Report

2/18/2009 Obama Canada Visit: Tar Sands Oil

2/17/2009 Obama EPA to Act on CO2 Emissions from New Coal Plants

2/13/2009 Sierra Club Celebrates Final Passage of Economic Recovery Package

2/11/2009 Sierra Club Urges Congress to Pass Recovery Bill

2/11/2009 Sierra Club Cheers Committee Vote on Solis Nomination

2/11/2009 South Carolina Governor Opposes Pee Dee Coal Plant

2/10/2009 Interior Sends Drilling Plan Back to Drawing Board

2/10/2009 Sierra Club Praises Senate Passage of Recovery Bill

2/10/2009 Groups Urge Obama to Reject Canada's Dirty Oil

2/6/2009 Sierra Club Urges Senate to Confirm Solis

2/5/2009 Economic Recovery: Sierra Club Activists Voice Support for Senate Package

2/4/2009 Sierra Club Stands Strong with Labor at Rally for Employee Free Choice Act

2/4/2009 Sierra Club Announces Climate Recovery Partnership, Campaign Chair

2/4/2009 Interior Department Cancels Drilling Leases Near Utah Parks

2/3/2009 Governor to MI: Clean Energy before Coal

January 2009

1/28/2009 House Creates Jobs Through Clean Energy

1/26/2009 Additional Reaction to Obama Announcements on Cars

1/25/2009 Applause for Obama's Action on Clean Cars

1/23/2009 Carl Pope to Step Down, Transition to New Sierra Club Role

1/23/2009 Sierra Club Praises Gillibrand Pick for Senate

1/16/2009 Sierra Club Plans for National Day of Service

1/16/2009 Obama to Showcase Green Jobs, Economic Recovery at Ohio Factory

1/15/2009 Sierra Club, IEN Fight Dirty Utah Tar Sands

1/15/2009 Senate Votes to Protect Wilderness, Rivers, Parks

1/15/2009 Emergency Action Filed to Stop Illegal Bush Admin Effort to Block Action on Warming

1/15/2009 House Proposal for Recovery Package Prioritizes Clean Energy

1/14/2009 Sierra Club Backs Arctic Refuge Wilderness Bill

1/12/2009 EPA: Jackson will be a Great Part of Obama Team

1/12/2009 New Video Entertainers Join Sierra Club in Support for Obama, Clean Energy

1/12/2009 Senate Poised to Protect Wilderness, Rivers, Parks

1/09/2009 Second Coal Waste Spill at Tennessee Valley Authority Site

1/08/2009 Response to Obama Speech on Economic Recovery

01/06/2009 Massive Coal Ash Spill Leads to Challenge of Tennessee Valley Authority

01/02/2009 Dynegy Drops Dirty Coal Plants under Sierra Club Pressure

December 2008

12/22/2008 2008: New Energy for America Trumps Coal

12/22/2008 Sierra Club Seeks "Clean Slate" on Energy

12/22/2008 Groups Challenge Bush Administration over Midnight Rulemaking

12/18/2008 Obama Taps Major Green Jobs Advocate for Sec'y of Labor

12/18/2008 Sierra Club, Coal River Mountain Watch Intercede to Save Coal River Mountain

12/17/2008 Sierra Club Praises Salazar, Vilsack Nominations

12/16/2008   New Report: Clean Water Protections Failing

12/12/2008 EPA Finalizes Midnight Rule Benefitting Factory Farms 

12/12/2008 Browner, Jackson, Chu & Sutley Strong Picks for Energy/Environment Positions

12/11/2008 "Are Air Freshener Ingredients Safe?" Groups Ask

12/04/2008 Reality Coalition Launches Major Campaign Debunking Myth of "Clean Coal"

12/02/2008 Agency Signs Off on Controversial Rule to Allow Stream Destruction

12/01/2008 Sierra Club asks EPA: "Why No Formaldehyde Public Meetings on the Gulf Coast?"

November 2008

11/25/2008 Sierra Club, 28 Environmental Groups Release Green Transition Plan for Obama

11/18/2008 Sierra Club Applauds Obama's Commitment to Action on Clean Energy, Warming

11/13/2008 Ruling: Coal Plants Must Limit CO2

11/06/2008 Poll: Energy A Major Factor in Voters' Decision

11/05/2008 New Energy for America Trumps Drill Baby Drill

October 2008

10/31/2008 Election Round-Up: Summary of Sierra Club Activities in the Clean Energy Election

10/31/2008 McCain's New Global Warming Ad a Shameless Halloween Trick

10/30/2008 Groups Call on Governors to Release State Employees to Assist on Election Day‏

10/30/2008 Advisory Environmental Groups' Post-Election Press Conference

10/29/2008 Palin Energy Speech More of the Same or Worse

10/28/2008 Sierra Club Stands Strong with Labor in Elections '08

10/27/2008 McCain Mocks Nuclear Safety Concerns 10/23/2008 New Poll: Majority of Americans Oppose Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining

10/08/2008 Politics: Club Launches Radio Ad in Ohio, National Club Leaders Join AFL-CIO Canvass in Ohio

10/03/2008 Finance Package: Clean Energy Incentives Will Save Jobs 

September 2008

9/30/2008 Offshore Drilling Moratorium Expires

9/29/2008 Sierra Club Programming to Air on Network

9/23/2008 Where Has McCain Been For 2 Years of Debates on Energy, Economic Crises?

9/22/2008 Bush Legacy/Global Warming: Sierra Club Testifies at Two Senate Hearings

9/19/2008 Sierra Club Announces 2008 Awards

9/18/2008 House Votes to Get Kids Outside

9/17/2008 New McCain Economic Plan: Sell More Gas Guzzlers

9/16/2008 House Energy Vote Republicans Prove They Answer to Big Oil

9/15/2008 House to Vote on Energy Bill Press Briefing Tomorrow

9/15/2008  Ike Stirs Price Gouging Fears; McCain Opposes Price Gouging Protections 

9/10/2008 Interior Report Reveals Big Oil Corruption

9/09/2008 Energy: Compromise Bill Calls Bluff on Drill-Only Republicans

9/09/2008 Energy: 12K Callers Attend First Pickens/Pope Teleforum More Tonight

9/05/2008 Energy: Pickens and Pope to Hold National Teleforum

9/04/2008  McCain Speech Unlikely to Reflect True McCain Record on Energy

9/03/2008 Weds Night RNC Line-Up Underscores McCain Embrace of Bush Energy Policy

9/02/2008 Massive Mississippi Wetlands Drainage Project Vetoed

August 2008

8/29/2008 McCain VP Pick Completes Shift to Bush Energy Policy

8/28/2008 Katrina Anniversary Reminder of Oil Drilling Hazards

8/26/2008 Poor Government Financial Decisions Could Raise Energy Bills

8/23/2008 Biden Shares Obama's Vision and Values for Clean Energy Economy

8/21/2008 Sierra Club Releases Presidential Energy Scorecard

8/21/2008 Sierra Club Schedule and Contacts at Democratic Convention

8/20/2008 Offshore Lease Sale Underscores Arguments Against Drilling

8/19/2008 Boehner's Bluff Called

8/19/2008 Court Rules for Clean Air

8/19/2008 Don't Cry Over Spilled Oil: McCain's Drilling Rig Do-Over

8/18/2008 Groups Force Hobet Mine to Clean Up, Continue Fighting for Clean Energy Solutions

8/16/2008 Sierra Club Response to Pelosi Radio Address & Upcoming Energy Legislation

8/15/2008 Community Members Want "Green Jobs" AND Clean Water for Families 

8/13/2008 McCain Silent on Endangered Species Assault

8/11/2008 Last-Minute Rules Gut Protection for Endangered Wildlife

8/06/2008 Ad Watch: McCain Ad Denounced as False and Misleading on Renewable Energy

8/05/2008 McCain Nuke Plan: No Waste Through AZ, But Just Fine for 44 Other States

8/04/2008 Obama Energy Plan Benefits Working Americans

8/04/2008 Judge: Big Coal Can't Clearcut Mine Site without a Permit

8/01/2008 Oops, He Did It Again! McCain Prefers Own Rhetoric to Facts, Experts on Drilling

July 2008

7/31/2008 Sierra Club Launches TV Ad, Grassroots Events in Battleground States

7/29/2008 William Shatner, Sierra Club Fight Global Warming

7/28/2008 McCain's Million Dollar Big Oil Quid Pro Quo

7/28/2008 Sierra Club Launches Gas Prices Radio Ad Blitz In Key States/Districts

7/23/2008 McCain Cancels Louisiana Tour Amid Massive Oil Spill

7/23/2008 Sierra Club Applauds Teamsters for Withdrawal from Arctic Drilling Group

7/23/2008 Bush-McCain Plan for High Gas Prices: Jedi Mind Tricks

7/22/2008 Energy: So-Called "All of the Above" Plan Fails the Test

7/21/2008 Gas Prices: McCain Helps Big Oil, Obama Provides Relief

7/14/2008 Bush, McCain, Grand Oil Party Play Politics Over Drilling

7/11/2008 Bush Administration Makes Last Stand Against Action on Warming

7/10/2008 New Video, Teleconference and House Parties for Lightbulbs to Leadership

7/10/2008 Tennessee Coal Mine on Notice for Toxic Selenium Pollution

7/10/2008 Gas Prices: Obama Offers Plan for Relief; McCain/GOP Rake in $5M from Big Oil, Propose More of the Same

7/9/2008 The Sierra Club Foundation Joins with Homes for our Troops to Build Green Homes for Injured Veterans

7/9/2008 Sierra Club Applauds Congressional Oversight on Toxic FEMA Trailers

7/7/2008 Ad Watch: RNC Attack Touts McCain's Misguided "Solutions," Falsely Attacks Obama

7/3/2008 RNC Takes in $3.6m from Big Oil, Spends $3m on Attack Ads over Energy Coincidence?

7/2/2008 Bush Administration Reverses Itself on Solar Moratorium

7/2/2008 Sierra Club Joins Morgan Freeman for Storm Preparedness Campaign

7/1/2008 Sierra Club Launches Radio Ads on Key Senate Energy Bills in 6 States

June 2008

6/30/2008 Court Rules Coal Plant Must Regulate Global Warming Pollution

6/25/2008 BREAKING: Newly Uncovered YouTube Video Exposes McCain Hypocrisy 

6/25/2008 Supreme Court Delivers Slap on the Hand to Exxon

6/25/2008 McCain Dims Clean Energy Future, Despite Rhetoric on Renewables

6/24/2008 McCain Brings Outdated Energy Message to Site of Environmental Disaster

6/23/2008 McCain Falls Short on Cars, Gas Prices

6/23/2008 EPA Agrees to Study Methods to Reduce Formaldehyde

6/20/2008 Sierra Club Endorses Obama for President

6/19/2008 Sierra Club, United Steelworkers to Jointly Endorse Obama at Friday Event in Cleveland

6/19/2008 New Report Highlights Faith Groups' Environmental Work Nationwide‏

6/18/2008   Bush and McCain Do Texas Two-Step with Big Oil

6/17/2008 Sierra Club Responds to Senator McCain's Houston Energy Speech‏

6/16/2008 McCain Energy Plan: Same Old Drilling

6/12/2008 New Video Campaign: How Many Lawmakers Does it Take...

6/11/2008 Toxic Fumes from Factory Farm Force MN Residents to Evacuate

6/11/2008 Sierra Club Testifies on "The Future of Oil" in House Hearing

6/10/2008 Senate Minority Sides With Big Oil Amidst Skyrocketing Gas Prices

6/10/2008 Club Joins Senate Leaders to Urge Immediate Passage of Senate Gas Prices Plan (S.3044)

6/09/2008 House Votes to Protect Wilderness in California, New Mexico

6/06/2008 Shameful Obstructionism Stymies Climate Bill

6/05/2008 Joint Enviro Group Statement on Climate Bill Filibuster

6/04/2008 Clean Energy at Stake in New Mexico Senate Race‏

6/04/2008 Senate GOP Uses Shameful Tricks to Block Debate on Global Warming Bill‏

6/03/2008 New Report: Millions Already Working in Green Jobs Economy, Millions More to Benefit from Clean Energy‏

6/02/2008 Sierra Club Welcomes Floor Debate on Climate-Calls on Senators to Strengthen & Pass‏

May 2008

5/23/2008 Sierra Club Tests Show Formaldehyde in "Improved" Emergency Housing‏

5/21/2008 Climate Bill Improved but Needs to be Strengthened‏

5/21/2008 Bush Administration Pushes for More Drilling on Wild Lands‏

5/21/2008 New Report Reveals Link between Trade Policies, Climate‏

5/14/2008 Bush Administration Backhands the Polar Bear‏

5/13/2008 Senate Rejects Failed Energy Policies Called for by Bush, Conservatives‏

5/12/2008 McCain Global Warming Plan: Laudable Goal but Fails to Reach It‏

5/09/2008 Sierra Club Sends Military Families to Camp‏

5/08/2008 McCain/Global Warming Memo in Advance of Policy Speech‏

5/08/2008 Shareholders Beware

5/07/2008 New Senate Bill Offers Real Relief for Pain at the Pump, Not Just Recycled Rhetoric‏

5/06/2008 Sierra Club Launches Multi-State Effort to Cut Mercury, Toxic Pollution‏

5/02/2008 Sierra Club Announces Election Results for 2008 Board of Directors

April 2008

4/30/2008 50K Citizens to Candidates: "You have the Power2Change"

4/29/2008 House Votes to Protect Wild Sky, Honor Cesar Chavez‏

4/28/2008 Bush Calls for More of the Same on Gas Prices‏

4/28/2008 Sierra Club Welcomes Field Hearing to Investigate Border Wall‏

4/24/2008 Elections: Enviros Announce Top Senate Targets‏

4/23/2008 New Poll Shows Hispanic Voters Concerned about Global Warming and Energy‏

4/23/2008 Advisory: Enviros to Announce Top Electoral Targets‏

4/22/2008 Sierra Club Applauds Strong Start for New Fuel Economy Rules‏

4/22/2008 Sierra Club, Rep. Baird to Unveil Buy Green to Save Green Campaign Capitol Hill Press Event Today at 2:30

4/21/2008 Advisory: New Poll on Hispanics and Global Warming Teleconference Wednesday 4/23‏

4/18/2008 ADVISORY: Carl Pope, Rep. Baird to Unveil "Buy Green to Save Green" Campaign 4/22, 2:30, Cannon Terrace‏

4/18/2008 Clorox, Sierra Club to Ring Opening Bell Monday

4/17/2008 Polar Bear Listing Dragged Out 10 More Weeks‏

4/17/2008 For Earth Day, Sierra Club says "We Can Do It"

4/16/2008 Sierra Club Launches Online Sportsmen's Network

4/14/2008 Sierra Club Nominee Wins Famed Goldman Environmental Prize

4/14/2008 Goldman Prize

4/10/2008 Club Cheers Senate Action on Clean Energy Economic Stimulus Measure

4/10/2008 Clean Energy Tax Incentives

4/09/2008 House Protects Outstanding BLM Lands

4/09/2008 NCLS Act Release

4/08/2008 Labor, Enviros Join Forces to Launch National Green Jobs Campaign

4/08/2008 Green Jobs For America Campaign

4/08/2008 Wild Sky - Chavez Release

4/02/2008 Sierra Club, In India, Announces Green Energy and Green Livelihoods Award

4/02/2008 EPA Defiance of High Court on Global Warming Challenged

4/01/2008 Sierra Club Criticizes Border Wall Waiver by Bush Administration

4/01/2008 FEMA Toxic Trailers Hearing in Congress: Sierra Club Statement

4/01/2008 Border Wall Waiver Release

March 2008

3/31/2008 Press Release: House Votes to Protect California Coast‏

3/31/2008 National Marine Sanctuary Release

3/28/2008 ADVISORY: Formaldehyde Sierra Club to Testify Tuesday before Congress

3/27/2008 Press Release: Rocky Mountain Wolves At Risk‏

3/26/2008 Power2Change: New Campaign on Elections/Energy Launched Today‏

3/19/2008 TELECONFERENCE, 3/20, 1PM ET, Sierra Club to Recommend National Formaldehyde Standards

3/13/2008 New Air Standard Puts Public Health at Risk

3/13/2008 Sierra Club Launches New Clean Up Dynegy Campaign

3/13/2008 National Green Jobs Conference Underway in Pittsburgh‏

3/13/2008 Global Warming: Testimony on Do-Nothing EPA

3/12/2008 New Air Standard Puts Public Health at Risk

3/11/2008 Coal Plant Catch Up‏

February 2008

2/27/2008 New Letter, No Action from EPA on Global Warming

2/27/2008 House Renewable Tax Package

2/21/2008 Wolf Delisting Release

2/21/2008 McCain LCV Score

2/20/2008 Sierra Club Launches Major New National Effort: Clean up Dynegy Campaign

2/14/2008 Sierra Club Statement: Toxic Trailers Confirmed by CDC

2/12/2008 New Ozone Standards

2/05/2008 Chuchki Lease Sale Release

Sala de Prensa
Notas de Prensa del Sierra Club: Lo Último


1/14/2013 -- Nueva Iniciativa del Sierra Club -- El Legado Climático de Obama


12/21/2011 -- El Sierra Club Aplaude al Presidente Obama por Históricas Protecciones contra el Mercurio

12/5/2011 -- El Sierra Club Observa la Semana de Concienciación sobre el Mercurio


9/23/2011 -- La Cámara de Representantes Apoya la Letal Agenda de los Contaminadores

9/16/2011 -- Nuevo Anuncio de TV Que Critica Decisión de Obama sobre Limpieza del Aire

9/2/2011 -- Obama Retrasa las Protecciones contra el Ozono hasta 2013


8/9/2011 -- El Sierra Club Aplaude la Primera Mejora de los Estándares de Emisiones de Camiones Pesados de la Historia

8/5/2011 -- El Sierra Club Anuncia Respaldo en Contienda Electoral en Nuevo México


6/14/2011 -- Nuevo Estudio -- Los Hispanos Sufren una Mayor Amenaza del Mercurio

6/13/2011 -- El Sierra Club Celebra la Belleza Natural de Puerto Rico en su Día


4/7/2011 -- La Cámara de Representa​ntes Obedece a los Contaminad​ores

4/6/2011 -- El Senado Derrota Varios Ataques contra la Ley de Aire Limpio


1/26/2011 -- Declaración del Sierra Club sobre el Discurso del Estado de la Unión

1/11/2011 -- La Comisión del Derrame Petrolero Distribuye Su Informe sobre el Desastre de BP

1/9/2011 -- Declaración del Sierra Club sobre el Mortal Atentado en Arizona


12/8/2010 -- La EPA Retrasa el Estándar de Aire Limpio -- La Salud Pública Sigue en Peligro


11/16/2010 -- El Sierra Club Pide que se Declare el Refugio Artico un Monumento Nacional


10/19/2010 -- La Coalición Estudiantil del Sierra Club y 'ReEnergize the Vote' Invitan a la Juventud a Votar por Adelantado en 6 Estados Claves

10/12/2010 -- Obama Suspenderá Moratoria de Perforaciones Petroleras en Alta Mar


9/14/2010 -- El Sierra Club Aplaude la Celebración de Lisa Jackson de la Ley de Aire Limpio

9/2/2010 -- Plataforma Petrolera Estalla en el Golfo de México


8/16/2010 -- Las Universidades Más Verdes del País


6/28/2010 -- Aviso -- Evento en Washington para Declarar Nuestra Independencia del Petróleo

6/22/2010 -- Juez Desestima Moratoria de 6 Meses de Exploración Costera


5/21/2010 -- Los Nuevos Estándares para Camiones Reducirán la Dependencia Petrolera

5/12/2010 -- Senadores Presentan Borrador de Reforma Energética

5/4/2010 -- El Director Ejecutivo del Sierra Club Visitará el Desastre Causado por BP


4/30/2010 -- El Derrame Llega a las Costas de Louisiana

4/28/2010 - Amplio Respaldo por la Conservación Del Corredor Ecológico Del Noreste de Puerto Rico

4/16/2010 - La Casa Blanca Lanza la Iniciativa de los Grandes Entornos de América


3/17/2010 - Nuevo Director Ejecutivo del Sierra Club y las Metas de la Organización

3/16/2010 - El Sierra Club Celebra el Día Nacional del Aire Limpio


2/22/2010 - Promueven Designación de Hábitat Crítico en Puerto Rico

2/16/2010 - El Sierra Club Responde a los Préstamos Garantizados a la Industria Nuclear

2/1/2010 - La EPA Solicita Comentarios Públicos sobre Nuevo Estándar de Ozono


1/20/2010 -- Nuevo Líder del Sierra Club

1/7/2010 -- La EPA Propone Nuevos Estándares de Calidad del Aire


12/22/2009 -- Aniversario del Derrame de Cenizas de Carbón en Tennessee

12/18/2009 -- Trato Histórico en Copenhague


11/04/2009 -- El Sierra Club Promociona la Serie "Parques Nacionales"

11/03/2009 -- Las Tortugas de Puerto Rico en Peligro


10/19/2009 -- Informe-- La Eficacia Energética Creará Empleos y Ahorrará Dinero


9/30/2009 -- El Sierra Club Aplaude la Presentación de la Ley de Empleos de Energía Nacional Limpia

9/22/2009 -- El Grupo de los 20 (G-20) y el Cambio Climático

9/15/2009 -- El Sierra Club Aplaude las Nuevas Reglas de Eficacia de Carros


8/26/2009 -- Fallecimiento del Senador Ted Kennedy

8/12/2009 -- Sierra Club Acude a Funcionarios en Defensa de Reserva Ecológica en Puerto Rico

8/06/2009 -- El Sierra Club Continúa Su Apoyo al Programa CARS

8/06/2009 -- El Sierra Club se Felicita de la Histórica Confirmación de Sotomayor


7/31/2009 -- ¿Cartas Falsas para Bloquear la Energía Limpia?

7/21/2009 -- AVISO: Evento en el Capitolio para promocionar empleo entre jovenes hispanos

7/09/2009 -- 100 Plantas de Carbón Han Dejado de Construirse


5/26/2009 -- El Sierra Club Aplaude la Nominación de Sotomayor

5/15/2009 -- AVISO: La EPA Celebra Audiencias Públicas sobre Calentamiento Global, Salud Pública

5/13/2009 -- Declaración del Sierra Club sobre el Proyecto de Ley de Energía Limpia


4/28/2009 -- Los Primeros 100 Días de la Presidencia de Barack Obama‏

4/17/2009 -- EPA: La Contaminación de Calentamiento Global Amenaza la Salud y Bienestar Públicos El Sierra Club Lanza una Gran Campaña de Apoyo

4/01/2009 -- Muro Fronterizo: Tras un Año de Ignorar la Ley, el Daño es Devastador‏


3/31/2009 -- ALERTA: Proyecto de Ley de Energía Limpia Ofrece Fuerte Impulso a la Economía Verde‏