Clean Energy Access

Clean Energy India

Why International Clean Energy Access?

Approximately 1.3 billion people around the world live in darkness, often without access to even small amounts of life-changing electricity. The good news is that we can change this by deploying off-grid renewable energy technologies. These technologies are available today, and are better suited to meeting the challenges of energy access than centralized coal projects and grid extension. That means we can solve energy poverty and climate change at the same time.

Time to Put Our Money Where Our Mouth Is

Even though we have this tremendous opportunity, we don’t have the investment to make it happen. That’s because public and private actors have yet to step up and make this incredible opportunity materialize. Unfortunately, public institutions like the World Bank are stuck in the past, continuing to spend their money on dirty fossil fuels and grid extension. That’s why we’re calling on public institutions to shift their investment to distributed renewables – the fastest, cheapest, most effective tool for combatting energy poverty.

Solar Power in India

400 million people in India lack access to electricity. In Uttar Pradesh, India's most populous state, solar is helping rural people get light and other energy services. 

Staff members from the Sierra Club and Center for American Progress (CAP) traveled to Uttar Pradesh, India and used Google Glass and traditional DSLR cameras to film the installation of off-grid solar panels.


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