Democracy Program

Corrupting corporate money pouring into our government. Assaults on the right to vote. Gridlock and obstruction in Washington. There’s no question -- our democracy is in trouble. To protect our environment, we must protect our democracy.

Teaming Up to Defend Democracy

We didn’t get here by accident -- it's the result of a systematic attack by a handful of big money campaign donors who benefit from a dysfunctional democracy.

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To learn more about or to get involved with Sierra Club's work to build a better democracy, please contact your chapter, or email:

Resources & Information

Polluting Our Democracy and Our Environment: Dirty Fuels Money In Politics

Become a citizen co-sponsor of the Government by the People Act

Our democracy is under attack by campaign contributions from the same special interests who pollute our air, water, and climate. Tell Congress to pass the Government by the People Act by becoming a citizen co-sponsor.